Finally here!

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Lana and I survived the flight (already dreading flying alone with two small kids!) and arrived in Helsinki safely at 23.25 on Wednesday evening. My mum and dad picked us up and 45 minutes later we were in Porvoo and Lana started exploring the house and the toys – so we didn’t go to bed until 2am, which I think we’re both still feeling the consequences of!

I tried packing without distracting Lana, but after she had spread all the stuff I was going to pack around the house I gave in and handed her the iPad…

Some of the snacks and entertainment I had with me for Lanushka. I also got two activity/sticker books, more snacks and the iPad with children’s shows and apps – and all of this just got us through the 2 h 15 min flight, pfeeww.

This thing kept her busy for 5 minutes.

The weather in Finland hasn’t been great this spring/summer, so I was pleased to wake up to blue skies and sunshine!

And I couldn’t wait to tuck into some fresh rye bread!

Lana’s in the house…

…and you can hear it too! She’s actually not just banging the keys but more like clinking away, so it doesn’t sound that horrible.

My youngest brother came by with his 11-month, very eager, baby Kenneth. Lana got really scared but I forced myself to pat him and make friends – and after that I wasn’t (so) scared anymore. He’s a kind soul (I mean just look at that face!) and my brother’s trained him well, but puppies can be pretty enthusiastic still as you know!

It was warm enough to go to the beach, and Lana was even brave enough to take a plunge. I don’t even have a swimsuit that would fit me anymore so before I figure our what to wear there won’t be any swimming for me!

Musmus the cat’s favourite stalker is back!

We’ve also played with cousin Max and cousin Nicole and had a visit from my granny and my two aunts.

This is my twin brother and his wife’s house that they’ve built with their own hands. I have to take my hat off to them as I think Matthew and I would really struggle to accomplish anything like this! It’s nearly ready to move into as well, so it’s exciting times!

Time to watch a few more episodes of ‘Skam’ – a Norwegian, very popular TV series about teenagers that my mum and dad also watch (!) – because according to my mum “everybody” watches it. So now I feel like I have to as well. Only 3,5 more seasons to go!

x Nina x