Finland Holiday Photos

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Our two-week holiday in Finland came and went very quickly and now we’re safely back in the Burgh. Didn’t take too many photos, and the ones I did take were mostly with my phone – so don’t expect good quality snaps! Anyway, here’s some of the things we got up to!


The weather was amazing with sunshine most days – which made going running a lot easier and more enjoyable.


I’m in the process of clearing up my old room, and decided to take some of my stuff (and my mum’s) to a flea market for a week to see if I could get rid of it. I gave 4 massive bags to charity a while back, but apparently they don’t need more stuff at the moment – and throwing away perfectly good things wasn’t an option! I ended up taking some of the things back, but it was worthwhile enough to do it again.


We spent a day with this mama-to-be – who is now the mother to a gorgeous little boy! Can’t wait to meet him in December!


Sunday is family dinner day – which can be a bit chaotic, but always fun 🙂


The four cousins are now old enough to play together (on some level) – although the oldest cousin wasn’t too happy about the younger ones “helping” her out with her lego creation…


Someone found himself a pretty necklace 🙂


Lana can almost reach up to the piano, but with the help of granddad she was able to play the piano beautifully accompanied by her cousin…


Lana’s first time on the metro – the most northern one in the world (and perhaps the most orange one…)


We got to meet two cute newcomers – both boys only 2 months old!


Can’t believe Lana was this small only 6 months ago! Although the little gentleman in my lap has managed to double his weight in no time and felt nice and sturdy in my arms 🙂toiletpaper

Lana being entertained by tissue – anything is more interesting than toys!


Lana got a bit of a fright when this little fella barked, but you can’t blame her – he looks pretty intimidating.


Lana enjoyed exploring my parents’ house – this mess was accomplished in about 5 minutes.


Saying bye to her Finnish grandparents early on Friday morning. This goodbye wasn’t too sad though as we’ll see them soon again – I booked flights for Christmas for the 3rd of December to the 3rd of January 🙂


Flying alone with Lana went well again, she slept on both flights but was also awake a fair bit and I realised that it’s just getting harder and harder to carry her and keep her from slapping and grabbing the fellow passengers. But she did bring a smile to so many people’s faces by just being her sunny self that no one could get annoyed with her quite loud presence (or that’s what I tell myself at least!)

Have a great week everyone!

x Nina x