Finland Visitors

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Last week we welcomed some friends from Finland who came to stay with us for 3 nights – and it was so nice to be able to offer them a room to stay in now that we’ve moved to a bigger place! Lana also really enjoyed having her 11-month old friend here and kept asking for “baby” that she called him for days after they left haha.


So what did we get up to? Well obviously we had to visit the Old Town and the Royal Mile that runs from the castle to Holyrood Palace.


When walking past the statue of Scottish philosopher David Hume you might as well rub his toe for good luck!


The obligatory photo in front of Edinburgh Castle.


And we had to go and say hi to the wee dug Bobby who stayed by his master’s grave for 14 years back in the day and became famous because of that.


We had to let the little ones out for a bit so they could work off all that energy, so we went to the National Museum of Scotland and let them free. Lana’s got a thing about pushing buggies.


We had a look at the first cloned mammal, Dolly the sheep.


Lana converted back to crawling 🙂


I was so lucky to snap this photo – they’re just sitting there like two little angels…


…when the reality was actually more like this 😛


A happy wee fella who liked crawling around in that big space! After a couple of tiring hours running after the little ones we went to the Outsider for lunch and then got the bus home, knackered after a day of sightseeing.


The second day we went shopping and just walked around in Princes Street Gardens, followed by a lovely lunch at a new place called the Pakora Bar – with both kids sleeping! That never happens!


The evenings were spent chilling in our very unfinished flat (at least now we’ve painted the walls). Lana’s friend was excited about all the new toys – which Lana didn’t want to share…Very annoying behaviour that I hope she’ll grow out of quickly!


Lana enjoyed the company just as much as we did! Our friends continued their journey to London and the flat suddenly felt strangely quiet…Thanks for stopping by guys!

x Nina x