Finnish Summer Nature

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Finnish nature is at its best at the moment: green and full of colour. I got so inspired by the abundance of flowers on our evening walk the other day that I was too focused on snapping photos to notice the lovely little fella we bumped into. Scroll down to the end to find out who he was!

blommor purple röllekaögontröst green snail whiteflowers horsma babygirl limefinnishlandscape white wildstrawberries duntrav violer grey digitalis whitestarslanita fluff raspberries walk förgätmigej snake

I hate snakes but am still fascinated by them. Unfortunately they are a part of Finnish summer, but luckily we only have one venomous species – the viper that you can see in the photo. This one quickly disappeared into the grass when we tried to take a closer look, but he was there again on our way back. Yuk.

x Nina x