First Few Days of Finland

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As it’s been six months since our last visit to Finland I felt like I really needed a good dose of family, friends, Finnish nature, Finnish food and all things Finnish! The countryside I used to get bored with as a teenager is now something I long for – and breathing in all those familiar smells of late summer/early autumn is so invigorating!


Flying went very well, especially since we had a full row to ourselves on both flights. We bought Lana a sticker book that she played with for ages – so from now on I’ll make sure there are stickers involved on every flight.

If you’re wondering why we didn’t choose straight flights with Finnair it’s simply because the flights were twice the price of the SAS flights…


Lana taking a wee nap in Sweden.


My dad picked us up from the airport and on the way home we stopped by my brother’s “little” project.


Matthew was in awe by the fact that my brother is more or less building this house on his own (last time Matthew tried to be handy and put up a shelf himself we ended up with six holes in the wall and no shelf…)


At my parents place we were greeted by cousin Max who had coordinated his outfit with Lana. Here’s Max explaining to Lana how to use the teapot.


Lana’s hardly shown any signs of being shy towards anyone here and is already running after my mum yelling “mommo”. She calls my dad “Po” instead of mofa – the same thing she calls Matthew’s dad haha.


Introducing Lana to a caterpillar. She tries to grab everything she sees, from spiders to bees to snails – but when she tried to grab this green thing it jumped, which caused Matthew to jump and throw the caterpillar in the air, which caused me as a caterpillar-phobic to jump away with my camera so quick that I hurt my neck. It’s getting better now thank god.


It doesn’t get much more Finnish than this.


I tried a few lingonberries on our walk. Eating berries straight from nature is amazing.


Daisies are just so pure somehow.


We walked past this huge pumpkin that even had its own bed. Wonder if you can still eat it?


Lots of caterpillars and butterflies everywhere at the moment.


My brother and fiancee have recently bought a house with stables that we wanted to inspect asap. These two get along pretty well as you can see! We didn’t stage this, they just took each other’s hands and sat like that for a good while. (We’re on our way to get Lana’s car seat if you’re wondering why she’s not in one!)


Once we arrived Max didn’t feel like holding hands anymore haha. Lana’s clearly a bit confused about the whole situation…


Here are the proud home owners. Will do another post about the rest of the place later!


Earlier today we had the honour of meeting a happy little newcomer. Lana was so nice and gentle with him – made me so proud!


A bunch of cuties.

So far the weather’s been pretty good and next week looks quite nice too, happy days.

x Nina x