Our First Family Holiday

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Matthew’s watching the Euro 2016 final (which he says is the worst game of football he’s ever seen btw), so it’s a good time to finally do a blog post about our holiday in Alcudia, Mallorca! This was our first real family holiday if you don’t count all the trips to Finland we’ve made – pretty exciting in other words.

The best way to tell you about our holiday is through the photos we took, so start scrolling because there are quite a few!


Our flight with Ryanair was delayed, which meant we had to entertain Lana on the plane for 5 hours instead of 3 – and trust me, Lana doesn’t like to sit still! (We were pretty happy when the plane finally landed…) After getting our stuff and getting changed into shorts we tried to get on a shuttle bus to Alcudia, but soon discovered the only options for people like us who hadn’t pre-booked were two or three different local buses that would take us around 4 hours, or a taxi for €80. We chose the taxi!

Our hotel, Delfin Azul, was a newly renovated 4-star hotel a few minutes’ walk from the beach. Our room wasn’t huge, but everything was fresh and clean and the staff were very nice and helpful.


The touristy part of Alcudia consists of a 14 kilometre long white sand beach lined by a walkway that we walked up and down countless times.


Oh how I miss the sun! To be fair it wasn’t sunny every day though – and it even rained one day…But still!


Me and my first cold drink, a corona. Tasted pretty damn good.


After food and refreshments it was time to introduce Lana to the beach and the sea.


She wasn’t scared at all and just got in straight away. Definitely takes after her mum and not her dad haha!


Fun with pappa.


A lonely rider riding into the sunset…There was a play park on the hotel grounds that Lana ran off to every chance she got. It was great that there was one but at the end of the week I had had enough of it to say the least!


She also liked the games room that she was way too young for though!


She said hi to the big decorative bears outside the entrance every day. There was also music and activities for children in the evenings, but as it was past bedtime and Lana was pretty tired we didn’t take her there.


We had a few cloudy days like these. At no point during our holiday week did I feel really hot, which I guess was good for Lana – but I was a bit disappointed still.


Me and my girl exploring the beach further south.


Lana, pappa and the buggy. Pushing a buggy on the sand is not fun btw!


If you’re wondering what the red marks on Lana are, they are called strawberry moles. They’re harmless and should disappear by the time she’s 2-3 years old.


I love this photo and the fact that we’re colour co-ordinated!


I wanted to do several excursions, but due to many reasons we ended up doing just one boat trip…


It was so nice being on the sea!


Lana was napping so we had time to take a very rare couple selfie.


I think this was Lana’s first time on a boat, so it must’ve been a bit confusing waking from a nap and finding yourself in the middle of the sea.


She wasn’t confused for long though! Matthew started feeling a bit sea sick though…


As we approached the beach mentioned in the brochure we realised we wouldn’t be getting off the boat, which made Matthew feel even more sick. The rest of the trip we all sat inside, Matthew throwing up and Lana sleeping on me. Fun times.


Lana had also caught a cold poor wee thing.


We survived the boat trip and Matthew started feeling better eventually. Better to stay on land for the rest of the trip! Lana found many little friends to play with on the beach, including this wee German boy who didn’t want to share his toys with Lana.


Lana doing yoga on the beach. She loved playing in the sand, but just kept stealing other kids’ toys haha.


A grumpy-looking little girl.


As I’ve been going on about my new Triangl bikini I guess I have to post a photo of it…It’s made of neoprene, which makes it sturdier than the regular bikini. I was happy with my buy, apart from the fact that it gets a bit lose when it becomes wet.


I don’t think neither one of us realised just how little relaxing time there would be when holidaying with a toddler…Lana likes to explore and run off on her own as well, which makes it even more tiresome. Plus she can be a bit of a daredevil sometimes!


We had some good and bad experiences when it came to food. We had actually paid for half board, which means breakfast and dinner were included. For ease we had breakfast at the hotel every morning, but after having tried the dinner on the first and the second night we decided that it was enough…I’m sure a lot of people would find the food ok or even great, and there were a lot of options for meat-eaters at least. It just wasn’t what us snobs are used to I guess 😛


We were recommended a place just around the corner from the hotel called Blue Sapphire and weren’t disappointed! We went back a second time and would’ve gone back a third time had Matthew not gotten ill. That hake was delicious.


The “chocolate volcano” was pretty nice too!


One day we decided to get on the bus and visit Puerto Pollensa, a neighbouring tourist destination where Matthew had been when he was younger. As you can see the weather looked pretty gloomy…


I did like Pollensa though, it was a bit classier and prettier than Alcudia but had less beach.


It started raining just as we got on the bus back. Before the bus took off a clown came in and sat down on the other side of the aisle. I don’t think I’ve never seen Lana look at someone with such fear in her eyes before, clutching on to Matthew as hard as she could. She even hid her head behind Matthew and only looked up occasionally to check if the clown was still there. I wonder if these fears are passed on in our genes, because I find clowns incredibly scary as well?!


Another dinner at Blue Sapphire, wearing my grandmother’s old top that I’ve had for years.


Lana was a fussy eater on the holiday, especially after she got a cold as well as in the hotel where she hardly ate anything. Our best bet for getting as much food into her as possible was to just order plain pasta. Yum! On the other hand Lana also breastfed more, which she always does when she’s a bit ill.


A sunset at Puerto Alcudia, around a 15-minute walk from our hotel.


At one point I felt really tired and was already sure I had gotten a cold as well – but after a nap and an ice-cold mojito I was fine thank god!


It was only towards the end of the week that we decided to try out the pool life at our hotel – and having also decided to take turns watching Lana we both got some me-time. The most relaxed 30 minutes of the holiday haha!


And here we are again, at the hotel play park. (Just showing Lana how it’s done.)ontheswings

I love  swings. Having the opportunity to swing on them is one of the great perks of being a parent.


Lana just loved the slide, and at some point she learned to hang – which she was so proud of and made her love the damn play park even more!


I’d love to say this was our last night and sunset, but since Matthew fell ill with a cold on the second last day we spent the last evening in the hotel feeling sorry for him.


There were some ups and downs, but all in all we had a good holiday. We clocked off from work and the Internet (deciding not to pay extra for Internet on the room was a great decision!) and got to watch Lana experience and learn new things – definitely the highlight of the holiday!

x Nina x