First Meetings

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During our two weeks in Finland Lana naturally got to meet quite a few new people, and I tried to be there with the camera to snap some memories – as I doubt Lana will remember much from the visit!

Lana’s first visit to Finland was all about getting to know my family and meeting her cousins, relatives and my friends and their children – although unfortunately there were many faces we didn’t see this time. It’ll have to be next time instead!


My mum finally got to hold Lana when Lana was 7 weeks old.


My dad spending some quality time with his granddaughter – Lana’s looking very content.


One of the first things we did was to visit my grandmother – Lana’s great granny. There are four generations of women in this picture 🙂 (I didn’t sleep much the night before, hence the haggered look…)


We were looking forward to seeing how much our godson and Lana’s cousin Max had grown – a lot!


And obviously looking forward to introducing the cousins to each other…


Which didn’t quite go to plan…But you know what they say; forced friendship is the best kind of friendship 😉


And here are all four cousins sitting very nicely on the sofa.


Obviously we had to introduce Mousmous the cat to Lana as well. Mousmous wasn’t too interested. (Lana’s about to have a bath – we didn’t try to stage some weird baby-pet photo shoot)


My friend’s little 7-month old daughter doesn’t look so small anymore next to Lana 🙂


Two wee girls with the same fashion sense: similar dresses and tights. Some suspicious looks going on here 🙂


Lana hanging out with another friend’s daughter and her cousin.


And here’s Lana with my friend’s 10-month old son – not sure if they’re even aware of each other. 🙂




Two beautiful girls – my brother’s fiancee with Lana.


The weather was quite nice during our visit – nice enough to have a coffee outside at one of old Porvoo’s beautiful little cafes. Here’s a sleeping Lana with two of my good friends.


Lana also got to attend her first birthday party when little Sofia turned 3.


Hmm looks like there’s some flirting going on between Lana and the little baby boy…


The other kids obviously thought that Lana’s dress was a bit too grey and boring…but nothing a few stickers can’t fix! 😀

Unfortunately I didn’t remember to take photos of all of Lana’s first meetings, but I’m getting better at it! Either way, Lana had a blast and says it was a pleasure meeting you all 🙂

x Nina x