First Tooth, Biting & A Dress I Can’t Wear

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Maya has been a different baby ever since her first tooth came through a couple of days ago – she is happy playing on her own and she’s been sleeping and napping so much better. Hallelujah! Last night she only woke me up once, once! It’s funny how Maya got her first tooth exactly at the same age as Lana, at around 5,5 months. 

It’s also ironic that the same day the tiny wee tooth appeared Lana decided to bite Maya’s big toe. And it was a proper bite that left a mark for days. No idea where this behaviour is coming from as Lana’s never hurt Maya before…I will just tell myself that she didn’t understand it would hurt – although I guess I’m not that surprised considering Lana’s behaviour lately. She’s like one of those Duracell bunnies that never stop and she’s constantly testing her boundaries. Maybe this is what terrible threes means?

Maya is constantly chomping down on something but she hasn’t been drooling at all. She’ll also try and rub anything she can get her hands on quite fiercely against her gums – it looks quite funny actually. See my insta stories for a video of this!

If you follow me on Instagram (@xxnina4xx) you might have read about my plans of sewing myself and the girls dresses. Well, I’ve finished my dress but unfortunately it’s not something I’ll be able to wear 🙁 I followed the instructions to a tee but still it doesn’t fit, the straps keep falling off the shoulders and there’s way too much fabric in the back. According to the pattern there should be an elastic waistband, but that looked even worse – like I was wearing a balloon at the top because of all the excess fabric.

It’s just so frumpy and uncomfortable. First I wasn’t going to post photos about this disaster of a dress, but I guess it’s good to also share the failures. You should’ve seen the vegan omelette I tried to make a while back haha!

Doesn’t look good with a belt either! It makes me look bigger than what I am, too. Matthew’s mum suggested I use the fabric to make something for Lana instead – and I think that’s what I’ll do. I’ve actually started sewing a pinafore dress for Lana (from a different fabric) and I have high hopes for that dress. The pattern is from a different maker as well. I’ll make sure to post photos whether it’s a success or a failure…

I am pretty proud of the seams though – just have to point that out!

One last thing: Nana and Pop bought Lana this Rapunzel doll the other day, and the same evening I heard her ask Matthew if she can cut the doll’s hair when he was shaving his beard – and to my horror he said yes! I obviously put a stop to this, but Matthew thinks we should let her “be creative” and cut the hair. Am I being an old, boring fart to say no to this? I should probably mention that moments later I found Lana with Matthew’s electric shaver, about to start shaving off her own hair…

x Nina x