My First Trimester (second child)

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I’m 20 weeks already, which means I’m halfway there and that it’s about time to write about the first trimester before I forget everything! I have to say this pregnancy has gone so much quicker, just as everyone says. We’re having another girl, in case anyone’s missed it 🙂

So let’s start from the beginning. The first test I did was negative, but as I felt there was something going on in my body I did another test a week later – and it came out positive, saying I was 2-3 weeks pregnant. Matthew couldn’t believe his eyes as we hadn’t really been trying actively at all, but he was obviously happy about it. The due date I’ve been given is 28.10 – one day after my birthday! Lana arrived one day after her due date, so it’ll be interesting to see when this little girl decides to come out.


With Lana I felt tired/nauseous for around 4 weeks. With this pregnancy my nausea/tiredness started around week 5-6 and lasted for around 8 weeks. I’ve been so tired and miserable that I’ve literally spent almost every weekend only resting, with Matthew looking after Lana. Not having the will or energy to do anything also made me feel pretty down – but luckily that is behind me now!

I do still, however, get slightly nauseous now and then – but I think it has to do with what I eat. I’m only now starting to feel a bit more energetic (which you can probably tell by my more frequent blog updates!) and I also find that I don’t need to sleep quite as much as I have been up until now.


As with Lana, I couldn’t stand the smell or taste of coffee, chocolate and peanut butter. I haven’t been repelled by alcohol – which doesn’t mean I’ve been drinking it though! Again, I found it difficult to drink tap water and have been drinking more sparkling water and juice instead. Chewing-gum was also something I didn’t want to have in my first trimester and brushing my teeth often made me gag.

I haven’t had big cravings, but I have been eating a lot more (cooked/vegetarian) sushi as well as fruit and berries. And I’ve had so many crayfish salads from Pret! I also lost my sweet tooth and hardly had any sweet stuff and no chocolate at all until week 14. Instead I’ve craved savoury foods and have been eating a lot more. My appetite has finally settled now though.


I felt like I’ve gotten bigger a lot sooner than I did with Lana, which is normal I guess. At the moment when I’m looking down, especially in the evenings, it looks to me like I’m almost full term. I’m a bit worried about how big I’m going to get…Weight-wise I think I’m pretty much gaining weight at the same pace as with Lana although I went to the gym with Lana until 7 months or so. On the other hand I’ve been running after Lana now instead! I only recently started doing exercises again, which has boosted my energy levels and something I want to keep doing as long as I can.


So far Lana has been very positive whenever I’ve mentioned the baby in my belly. She often shouts ‘hello baby’ to my belly button and asks if we can take the baby out so she can hold her. I’ve tried to explain to her that the baby can’t come out until she’s a bit bigger…The other day I asked her if the baby can play with her toys when she comes out and Lana said yes. Lana will be 2 years and 9 months when the baby is born and I really hope she’ll be a bit more obedient and run away a bit less by then…Otherwise I don’t know how I’m going to cope running after her with a newborn…


The first pregnancy is a bit special as you’re experiencing everything for the first time and it’s all so exciting. When pregnant with Lana I knew at all times exactly how far I was, what it meant and what fruit/veggie the baby was every week. Now I don’t get weekly email updates and only occasionally check what fruit/veggie the baby is. Actually going to do it now! The baby is a small banana in week 20 🙂

I also find myself to be more impatient and would happily just skip the rest of the pregnancy and have the baby tomorrow. With Lana I didn’t care much about my appearance and mostly wore my mum’s old black stretchy dress, whereas now I want to look as good as I can – which isn’t easy when you’re feeling like a whale 90% of the time!

x Nina x

PS. My heart breaks for the people affected by the London fire. No terrorist attack has left me as moved and terrified as watching Grenfell Tower in full flames, knowing there are still so many people trapped inside. It really hit home for some reason – maybe because I used to leave nearby. It’s such a horrible, horrible way to go and something so awful to witness that it’s sure to traumatise many of the people involved. Watching the courageous firefighters risk their own lives in the quest of saving others leaves me in awe – they are heroes and have my full respect and admiration. I hope something good will come out of this and that this horrendous event will lead to better and safer building regulations and fire safety measures – because a fire really shouldn’t have spread that quickly in today’s Britain. The worst part is that this disaster could maybe have been prevented.