First Visit to Nordic Affär

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Today it’s been snowing for several hours, but the snow hasn’t settled since it’s too warm and wet. At least I’ve had the pleasure of admiring the big snowflakes falling from the sky through the office window and luckily my blog has its own snowfall 🙂

The Nordic Shop I’ve mentioned before finally opened its doors on December 4th, so just had to pay a visit as soon as I could. It’s just a small shop at the top of Leith Walk, but to me it is yet more proof of how the Scandinavia boom and Scandinavians are slowly taking over the UK 😉


As expected, there were more Swedish products than Finnish, but the Swedish owner who I had a little chat with said that she’s open to suggestions and only trying products out to see which ones do well and which don’t. She asked me if there are any Finnish foods in particular I’d like to have included in the product range, so I wrote down Vaasan Ruispalat (rye bread) for her. She also said that she’s been surprised by how many Finnish people there are in Edinburgh – I wasn’t the first one to write down Finnish rye bread 🙂 Forgot to mention Karelian Pasties, so will have to do that next time I go there. I’ve also decided to try and make them myself, so perhaps I can just start doing that if it’s not too difficult…


The owner said that she orders her products from Scandi Kitchen in London when I asked her about logistics. Makes sense, as it would be way too expensive to import from Scandinavia.


Back home crisps is more of a treat that we often have with a dip mix mixed in with a Nordic kind of sour cream – something you can’t buy here. I’m not a huge crisp fan so not too bothered about these – my attention was elsewhere…


As I’m going to Finland in just two weeks I tried to restrain myself and only buy the most necessary: sweets. So I celebrated the Finnish Independence Day by eating salmiakki (salty liquorice) haha.

They also sold some children’s books that Matthew was eyeing for educational purposes (and also for the little one some day in the future I guess), but we didn’t have enough cash to buy them at the time. Will be interesting to see how the shop does and if they get more Finnish stuff. At least I now have a place where I can buy salmiakki and Finnish chocolate whenever I want, and that’s already a huge thing!

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