September Is Here!

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Summer is over, September is here and it’s time to stop slouching and get back on track – and to do so I needed new running shoes (I left my old ones in Finland). Asics has been my shoe of choice ever since I started running 6 years ago, but after visiting the Nike outlet last weekend and finding these babies for a very very good price I decided to give Nike a go. Not usually a fan of pink, but have to admit they do brighten up the run!

I went running the other night and hesitantly ran past the monkey bars where I broke my wrist 3 months ago. I saw an old guy hanging from them and felt like telling him to be careful – but decided that would’ve been a bit too patronising and weird, so I didn’t. I’d say my wrist is about 95% back to normal – still a bit stiff and my grip is not as strong as it used to be, but I’ve now started lifting weights so think that’ll help to get to 100%.


Couldn’t resist getting Lana her fist sneakers too – still a bit too big though.


Lana’s favourite pastime at the moment is to pull herself up against the sofa, the chairs, the bed, the oven, the table etc. – which means I have to constantly watch her. The other day she let go of the sofa and grabbed the chair nearby – babies really are a bit too confident sometimes…


This happy little (ginger?!) cutie is actually causing me a lot of grey hairs at the moment. Already in Finland she went from waking up once a night to waking up a few times – but after coming back to Edinburgh she’s been waking up more or less every single hour of the night. Every single hour! This means I’ve been sleeping only a few hours each night, and never longer than two hours straight. Luckily she’s consistently been napping for two hours between 10am and 12am so that I’ve been able to sleep too – but I’m pretty zombied out still as you can imagine.

I even took her to the doctor as well to get her ears checked out, but everything looked normal. The doctor said that Lana might be waking because of hunger, but why would she get hungry once an hour at night when she’s not hungry that often during the day? Maybe she’s confused about the change of place or maybe it’s early separation anxiety, who knows! If anyone has similar experiences or has any advice, please help me!!


I now both feed Lana with a spoon and let her try different foods herself, supervised of course. She’s mostly just playing around with whatever I give her and still doesn’t really let me feed her with a spoon either. So far porridge has been the easiest thing to get into her – we’re talking a teaspoon or two here though!


Lana must have been wondering what happened to all the other children that were constantly surrounding her in Finland, so I’m sure she was glad to meet up with her little friend here too! He on the other hand got a bit anxious when Lana started climbing on him and touching his face a bit too eagerly…:)


We’ve also paid a visit to Matthew’s and every other guys favourite place ever, Ikea. Matthew’s sister kindly gave us a lift and looked after Lana while I was shopping and Matthew running after me making sure I don’t buy stuff we don’t need. Like Ikea even sells stuff you don’t need?!


After several not so successful attempts Matthew has nearly perfected the art of gnocchi – these were made with thyme and ricotta and served with parmesan and peas last Sunday. If you want to try it yourself, check out this video by Gordon Ramsay.


Our cactus collection is growing, this time with these 5 cute mini cacti we picked up at the Botanics shop. Not perhaps the child friendliest plants…But pretty!

Time to start cooking dinner, toodle pip!

x Nina x