First Week In Finland

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We’ve been in Finland for a week already, with Matthew returning home to Edinburgh very early on Monday morning. Again, Lana was great on both flights and charmed everyone, including two cute little boys (is this how it’s going to be – flirting with all the boys whenever she gets a chance?!)


A little girl wondering where she’s going.


The trays serve as good seats for babies 🙂


Lana got a bit tired on the stopover in Copenhagen, so she decided to take a little nap on daddy. When she saw her granny and grandpa who met us at the airport she was well-rested and full of smiles.


As Lana has had a nasty rash for the past few weeks we took her to a paediatrician first thing the following morning. They did a prick test that didn’t show any results (that’s supposed to react like that!), but since Matthew had an egg allergy as a baby that is probably what it is. The doctor prescribed hydrocortison and a cream for dry skin and told me to lay off the eggs and anything with egg in it for a week. It worked wonders as the rash disappeared within two days. I accidentally had something with egg in it a few days later, and 24 hours later the rash was back – so it does look like it’s the egg! So no cakes for me for the unforeseeable future 🙁


There’s enough room for two little cousins in grandpa’s lap.


Who are you? A lot of people for a little person to remember.


We’ve also met up with some of my friends and their little ones. This wee boy didn’t like his mummy holding another baby.


They grow so fast – this little girl is already crawling!


Haha wonder what’s happening here?


Why do kids always go for the same toy??


We’ve also had lunch with this crazy auntie.


Lana’s clearly enjoying spending time with her tanned uncle and auntie.


Two pretty girls 🙂


My twin brother graduated a few weeks back with excellent grades, which of course had to be celebrated.


Delicious tortillas were on the menu.


The proud engineer and father 🙂


Yesterday was full on as all the grandkids were in one place, and once again I managed to snap a photo of these four little cousins – 3 months older than last time. Will try and do this every time we visit!

The cold Matthew brought with him from Scotland has finally reached me too, so not feeling too great 🙁 Today it’s sunny but according to the weather forecast the summer will still keep us waiting…

x Nina x