First Week of Work

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My first week of work is done and dusted, and so far everything seems great! I also had a webinar for my digital marketing course, and next week I’ll have my first day at school where I’ll get to properly meet all my new schoolmates 🙂

Because of epiphany last week meant only four days of work. I worked from home two days and drove to Espoo (about 1 hour from where we live) to meet and brainstorm with the business owners. They are looking for an office, so soon I’ll be driving somewhere else – hopefully a bit closer! But I’ll also be working from home, which just makes life so much easier because of the girls and their nursery.

Speaking of nursery, the girls have been there about an hour longer per day – but I don’t think they’ve even noticed haha. I try to take them there in time for breakfast around 8am, which means we can just wake up, brush teeth and get dressed and go out the door. So far I’ve been doing all the nursery runs, but can’t wait for Matthew to do it just so he can see how stressful it is haha. Lana has started a new group at nursery, and as usual she’s adapted without any issues. She is such a brave and curious little girl! Maya has also been totally fine with Lana not being in her group anymore, which is a relief. Apparently they run and hug each other when they see each other out in the nursery yard. So cute.

Terrible twos.

Maya has been a handful lately. We’ve struggled to get her to bed and to nap during the day and she’s having so many tantrums throughout the day. It starts in the morning when she doesn’t want me to take off her pyjamas. Then she doesn’t want me to dress her. Then she doesn’t want her teeth brushed etc. I’m sure you get the drill. If I tell her she can’t do something she won’t rest until she has done just that. And she knows exactly what she wants to do and what she doesn’t. Usually it’s the exact opposite from what I want her to do. When I tell her to turn off the light she will turn it on and vice versa. Also, when I pick her up at nursery she comes running to hug me in a really good mood – but by the time we get to the car she has usually had a mental breakdown. I’ve reached a point now where I just let her lie on the ground and kick, scream and cry until she’s tired herself out. It doesn’t help when I try to calm her down and it’s easier for me to handle her tantrums this way. Typical terrible twos behaviour I guess! (Sorry about the rant!)

We had a tiny bit of snow last week, just enough to build an Olaf. Lana was so proud.
First time on skiis and she nailed it! This is at our local ski centre, which has fake snow as it still hasn’t gotten cold enough.

Going back to work hasn’t been as stressful and tiring as I thought, which I think is because I’ve tried to be organised and prepared. We plan the weekly meals and do our weekly shop on Sunday. I get the girls’ clothes and nursery bags ready the evening before, as well as my own stuff. After I pick up the girls I make them dinner and give them a bath and then Matthew makes us dinner and cleans the kitchen. Or well, at least this is what we’ve done for an entire week now haha – will se how well we’ll keep it up…Also, the fact that my bosses are very chilled and flexible makes me feel at ease and relaxed – even though there’s a million things to do and my head is full of ideas! Will just have to prioritise and take one thing at a time. I have a good feeling about this 🙂

If you missed it, the company I work for is called Gymnation and they sell high quality and consciously produced activewear. I’ve been given clothes to try out (perks of the job!) and I can honestly tell you that they have fully lived up to my (high) expectations. Everything just fits perfectly and the materials are first class. No wonder people are praising them. I also love the fact that it’s a small family business and that they do what they can for the environment. Haha this is turning into a sales speech – sorry didn’t mean to do that!

Apart from the job we haven’t done much. Now that we have this big house in the countryside we tend to stay at home a lot more than we did in that small flat in Helsinki. There’s also more work to do now, such as chopping wood – something Matthew spent hours doing today. I think he liked it…

Maya loves avocado and stole as much as she could.
We will definitely be making sushi soon again!
The first day of the year we went for a walk in a nearby forest – can’t think of a better way to start the year.

Btw, don’t think I’ve written about New Year, which we also spent at home. After that big Christmas it felt like a good decision – so we just made some sushi, shot a few (quiet) fireworks and had some bubbles. After putting the kids to bed we watched a film called The Favourite and drank some more cava and ate some more sushi. At midnight we went outside on our terrace to look at all the neighbours’ fireworks – but the clear and starry sky made a far nicer show!

Yesterday we had such a beautiful frosty day with a little bit of sunshine, and instantly I had to get the camera out. My photo session with a very grumpy Maya in tow didn’t last long – she thought we went out to go to my mum and dad’s and was pretty disappointed when she realised we weren’t going to the car. Kicking, screaming and crying obviously followed. So we went back in after 10 minutes. But I managed to get a few photos at least. Meanwhile Lana and Matthew went downhill skiing and I was told Lana was a champion and got the hang of it after 20 minutes. My little girl!

Time to hit the sack, our mornings start a bit earlier now that I’m working! Have a fantastic week readers!

x Nina x