Forget Me Not Ball

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Last Saturday we got to attend the Forget Me Not Ball at the four-star George Hotel – a charity ball by Alzheimer Scotland with the aim of raising money for dementia. Approximately 88,000 people have dementia in Scotland in 2014 and more get diagnosed every day, so it’s a very important cause. As Matthew helped organise the digital side of the event he was invited along – with avec of course (and he picked me!).


Suited and booted and ready to go. Can’t remember the last time I wore eye shadow, but will definitely start using it again as it does make you look more festive and brings out the eyes so much more.

I wore a simple blue laced maternity dress that I had bought from Asos – didn’t want to invest in anything too fancy as I wouldn’t be able to wear it later on anyway – and there aren’t many fancy maternity dresses out there either!


The evening consisted of a three course dinner, a couple of speeches, an onsite photographer, Forget Me Notes Choir, singing waitresses, a magician, Puffin the balloon man, live music and of course some traditional ceilidh – which I had a go at for the first time! Again, Matthew and I weren’t exactly the stars of the dance floor, but it was my first time to be fair and I had no clue what to do…


Around 11pm I started feeling a bit tired, so we said bye to our fellow table buddies and walked home in the chilly Edinburgh night. We didn’t have to leave empty handed though, as Scottish Fine Soaps had provided all guests with some nice smelling soapy gifts 🙂

x Nina x

PS. Just realised this is my 100th post!