Forgot to Tell You!

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I just realised that I haven’t told you guys that we’re moving next week! On Monday or Tuesday our stuff will get picked up and driven all the way to Helsinki and on Thursday we’ll get on a flight to Finland. We were going to wait until the papers for selling our flat were signed, but since no one seems to know when exactly that will be happening we just went ahead and booked our flights!

I started packing last Monday when Lana was with Nana and Pop and since then we’ve done a bit here and there – but overall we’ve taken it quite easy and enjoyed the weather and spent time with friends. I hate saying goodbye and prefer to just pretend that we’re not really leaving until we’re on the flight…Don’t get me wrong, I’m superduper excited about the move, but I’ve made some great friends here that I don’t want to leave behind…We will be visiting at least twice per year, so it’s not the end of the world – but it’s a bit sad still.

Edinburgh is in full bloom and looking prettier than ever – which means I’m constantly snapping away with my phone!

We sure will miss Minty and James and all the laughs – and by the looks of it Maya will REALLY miss James haha.

I’ve been very lazy with trying to get Maya to take the bottle, so no luck yet. Even when Lana helped Maya just kept biting the teat. I need to get started properly with weaning as well…Just so much easier with the boob!

What is going well at the moment is getting both girls to bed at 8pm – or even earlier for Maya. This means that for the first time in 6 months we have a few hours to ourselves in the evenings. It’s amazing I can tell you! I’ve also realised that why the hell am I the only one getting up every time Maya cries in the night when Matthew is unemployed and doesn’t have to get up early for work?! So I’ve started waking Matthew up once per night and letting him calm Maya down and get her to sleep when she wakes up. He’s LOVING it.

A couple of days ago we took Lana trampolining and had the whole place to ourselves. We took turns jumping but Lana ran around like a mental person for the whole hour straight. It still didn’t tire her out though. And to be fair I’m the one who looks like a crazy person in this photo!

Tomorrow we’re saying bye to more friends and on Sunday I think we really need to get the packing done. Weather looks nice so hoping it’ll be a great last weekend in Edinburgh! Have a good one!

x Nina x