Forgotten Photos From 1970

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Hi all,

When we were in Finland and visiting our summer house (that we call ‘the Villa’) Matthew found an old film spool lying on the floor. He got a little bit obsessed with it and decided to get it developed here in Edinburgh. We found out that they stopped making this 120 mm film 20 years ago. It had to have belonged to my grandfather who was into his photography. As he passed away in 1988 the film must’ve been at least 30 years old.

I didn’t think there was going to be anything on it, or if so that any photos would’ve most likely been ruined. But believe it or not, there were three clear photos that could be developed – all of my mother.

As you can see, my mum had a strange taste in clothes…Nah, this is actually from 1970 when she was 17 years old. She’s on her way to a traditional school ball called ‘the day of the eldest’ that the 2nd year students in upper secondary school celebrate after the 3rd year students have graduated and they become the oldest in the school. Tradition is to wear something old, so my mum had borrowed her outfit from someone. However, nowadays most students wear modern dresses and suits.



Apparently these are the only photos my mum has from that day (apart from a group photo that she can’t find).

How cool is it not that a film that old could still be developed?! It’s almost like my grandfather came back to say hello. 🙂

x Nina x