Frost & Paint

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Today was such a beautiful frosty and sunny morning that the girls and I were all in awe of the stunning autumnal landscape glistening in the morning sun when we were driving to nursery. I made a plan in my head to go and get the camera once I’ve dropped off the girls, but by the time I got back it was too late, the sun was too high and a lot of the frost had melted.

However, on our yard where the sun hadn’t reached yet it wasn’t too late, so I ran in and got the camera and wandered into the field next to our house. So accompanying this post are a few shots from this morning. October is so my favourite month!

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment as I’m struggling to find time to do everything I need to (and want to do). I thought I’d have plenty of time to go running, but I feel like I don’t even have time for that. The days go so fast and before I know it I have to go and get the girls from nursery. Most days they don’t even want to leave so thinking about extending their nursery days at some point.

So what’s taking up my time? Well, my nutrition course for starters. We have a group assignment, an exam, two online classes per week and plenty of reading to do. I’ve also applied for a 6-month social media manager course that I’ve had to write stuff for. I have an interview next Monday, and if I pass that I will need to find a company to work for whilst studying. We’ll see how it goes! I’ve also been painting walls and furniture, and there is no end to the list of rooms and things that need painted. I think every single room is getting at least a feature wall, so going a bit crazy with all the colours! They’re all muted though, and very classy. At least I think so haha.

Before paint.
After paint. What a difference don’t you think?!

It’s nice to notice that the more I get done in the girls room the more they want to spend time there. Today I hung up some curtains to increase the cosyness-level even more. I want to get an Ikea Duktig play kitchen for Maya for her birthday that I’m going to pimp. Apparently it’s a thing, google it!

I’ve also started painting the guest room downstairs where Nana and Pop will be staying when they come over for Christmas. Need to get a sofa bed for them, and a dresser or a sideboard. Lucky for us that my parents are inundated with stuff left by my grandmother, which they want to get rid of. So apart from our new sofa and our and the girls’ beds we haven’t really bought anything new. I’ve found that Facebook Marketplace is a great place to pick up second hand stuff, and I’m checking it daily to see if there are any treasures we need for our house.

Married 3 years with this one <3

Yesterday was our 3rd wedding anniversary. This year I remembered it and didn’t book a holiday with the girls…We had an 8-course dinner at a local new restaurant called Salt and then a couple of drinks at a lovely bar called Paahtimo. That’s where everyone seems to hang out on a Saturday night in our wee home town. Lovely atmosphere and lovely to be just the two of us!

Tomorrow I need to finish my nutrition assignment, take some photos for an insta collaboration and obviously do some more painting. But, on Saturday I’m going out with the girls in Helsinki and It’ll be sooo nice to get out of this paint bubble!

x Nina x

PS. If you want a recommendation for a good show watch Mindhunter. It can be a bit gruesome at times but it’s worth it. Now we’ve started watching Succession, which seems promising too.