Fun, Festivals & Shit Weather

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Just a quick blog before we start watching Game of Thrones! (So sad this is the last season…) The Edinburgh Festival started on Friday, and on Friday night we had tickets for our first show. It was a stand-up comedy show by half British-half Malaysian Phil Wang that was really funny and that I can highly recommend! Hoping I’ll get to see a few more shows still before the Fringe Festival ends…

Yesterday we took Lana to the BBC tent and an organised bug hunt for kids in the nearby gardens, which Lana really liked as she is very fascinated by bugs. Yuk. Then we had a street food lunch at George Square Gardens, but headed home soon after as the weather was shit. I think there’s only been one sunny day since we got back from Finland, and I can actually feel it affecting my mood…It’s so cold and rainy and unpredictable all the time that I have to rant about it here once again, grrr!

Anyway, to the point; I’ve still got some photos from Finland that I want to share here, so bare with me! We decided to visit Borgbacken with my parents and Lana’s cousin Max with parents  – it’s a big amusement park in Helsinki that’s been around for ages. It’s been sooo long since I’ve been there but I still remember it well – I’ve had some fun times there! Unfortunately I couldn’t go on any rides this time because of my belly, but watching Lana and Max enjoying themselves was just as good! Here’s a few shots from our fun (but rainy) day:


All the rides Lana and Max went on were actually free, and there’s no entry fee to the park either – so it wasn’t an expensive affair at all. It’s a really fun place for kids (and adults) – so if you’re visiting Helsinki before winter hits it’s worth a visit!

Have a good week folks!

x Nina x