Getting on the Property Ladder

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I wasn’t going to say anything until we’ve got the keys to our new pad, but since that won’t be until the end of August I can’t keep it to myself anymore! So yes, we’re in the process of buying the flat I mentioned on the blog as well, but obviously it’s not a hundred percent sure until we actually have the keys!

We haven’t signed any papers yet, but our offer has been accepted and we’ve found a lender who’s willing to lend us the money and our financial advisor is working hard to get everything sorted! At the moment a lot of properties are on the market on an “offers over” basis instead of having a fixed price, which means you just have to take a guess and offer what you think will get you the property. As you don’t know if there are other offers and how much they are you might get it completely wrong and overpay or underpay. It’s called a blind auction and I don’t like it!

This is one of the first photos of us after moving to Edinburgh over 3 years ago…

Before putting in an offer we consulted a few people who all said that properties are going for as much as 30% over the asking price – especially in popular neighbourhoods. We listened to the advice and offered a fair bit over, which secured us the apartment. Annoyingly you can’t find out afterwards either what others offered…I wish you could as it would give me peace of mind knowing we didn’t overpay and end up losing money when we sell.

Another thing that has made us a bit worried about buying at all is naturally Britain leaving the EU and how that will affect the property market. Both our solicitor and financial advisor have assured us that the property market in Edinburgh is pretty robust and that life will have to go on and people will keep buying and selling – and we decided we wanted to push forward and see what the future brings.

Newhaven harbour.

Anyway, it’s a two bedroom flat in an area in North Edinburgh called Trinity. It’s around a 10-minute walk from Inverleith Park and only a short walk from the shore – which means I get to go running by the sea 🙂

We both can’t wait to move in and make the place look like our own – and for Lana to have her own room finally! Maybe Matthew won’t have to sleep in the living room anymore haha. He also insists on getting a cat, which I’ve kind of agreed to but now having second thoughts about :/

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PS. If you’re thinking about getting on the property ladder I highly recommend hiring a financial advisor! Matthew’s boss recommended our guy and I have to say that he’s been so patient, thorough and professional that I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat.