Gingerbread Cookie Baking

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Baking gingerbread cookies, or pepparkakor in Swedish and piparkakkuja in Finnish, is a Christmas tradition that I love and want to hold on to with Lana – so for the first time I can remember I actually made my own dough and got baking! In Finland you can buy readymade dough that is so nice that there’s no point in making your own…

Lana was an eager little helper and was entertained by the baking for so long that I’ve decided we need to start baking together more often. She was also a fan of eating the dough and the flour – I have no idea how much she actually ate in the end, but judging by her energy levels for the rest of the night it was a fair bit.

Out of four batches I only burned one, so not too bad. My glazing was clearly too runny as you can see from the photo above – so I decided to go for the artsy, original look…

Can’t believe it’s Finnish Christmas tomorrow and British Christmas on Sunday! Tomorrow we’ve been invited for a Christmas lunch at my boss’ house and on Sunday Matthew’s family is coming over to celebrate Christmas in our new home. That means we (or should I say Matthew) is responsible for cooking the turkey…I think he’s going to use a simple recipe by Jamie Oliver so we should be fine. On Tuesday we’re flying to Finland for a couple of weeks, can’t wait for everyone to see how big Lana has gotten!

x Nina x