Glasgow Science Centre Rocks!

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When I was googling what there is to see and do in Glasgow the Science Centre kept popping up, so we decided to give it a go. Admission was £10, but worth the money in our opinion. However, be prepared for hoards of families with children – this was a Saturday so probably less busy during weekdays.

We initially wanted to take part in the egg drop challenge where you had to build some sort of a vessel that would keep an egg intact when dropping it from the second floor, but it didn’t take long before we were having so much fun that we lost track of time and missed the whole challenge.

Glasgow Science Centre

The centre looks quite striking from the outside – very futuristic. (The photo is from the Science Centre’s website – we weren’t lucky enough for it to be that sunny.)


The interactive exhibition on the third floor was so fun that we pretty much spent the whole visit there. We’re both quite competitive, and it was a great place to compare our skills…(As expected, I won most “challenges”.)


The elevator was massive.


This “competition” was mind-blowing. You sit across a table, and both contestants put a head strap on that measures the brain activity. The aim is to move the little grey ball you see in the middle into the other person’s “goal”. The more relaxed your brain is the more the ball moves. I destroyed Matthew twice thanks to my chillaxed brain.


This station measured how good you were at multitasking by having to do different things whenever a red light somewhere on the wall lit up. We can’t quite agree on who won this one, Matthew did it twice –  first time he managed to multitask for 14 seconds and the second time 70 smt seconds. I only did it once, for 47 seconds I think. What do you think?


This one measured how quickly you react – I won again. Matthew did win the hanging challenge (see the guy in the background) – but that’s because he’s a man.


One station measured the heart rhythm. This is Matthew’s, looks quite regular and neat doesn’t it?


And then we have mine…What the hell happened here?! I was moving around towards the end where you see the big dips, but the beginning doesn’t look too good either…I just had to have another go.


This one looks better, but still not perfect. Why do our readings look so different and why is mine so weird – any doctors reading this please help? Matthew definitely won this one!

Would definitely recommend the Glasgow Science Centre if you’re ever in town – I think there is something for everyone no matter what age you are.

x Nina x