Going to North Berwick Playa

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I’ve been missing the sea lately, so although the weather wasn’t great we took the train to North Berwick yesterday. It’s a lovely little coastal town only a 30-minute train ride from Edinburgh. It was low-tide when we were there, so it was perfect for some rockpooling. All we found was a drowned crab, lots of smaller crab carcasses and a few living ones. Plus a couple of golf balls from the nearby course (that we took home with us).



The population of the town is 6,223. Fact of the day.


It’s not windy at all. You can see Bass Rock sea bird sanctuary behind me – that David Attenborough has described as ‘one of the 12 wildlife wonders of the world’.


The view from where we had lunch.


Fish & chips was obviously on the menu. Try The Rocketeer if you ever visit North Berwick – the fish was fresh and really tasty.


Can you find Matthew?


The dead crab I mentioned – what a horrible way to go.


Some serious bullying going on at the town fair.

Camera 360

This photo has nothing to do with North Berwick – just found it and wanted to show you how skinny my ankles look…(I’m sitting in a massage chair btw, hence the strange face.)

On Thursday we’re flying to Finland (again) for my twin brother’s wedding, can’t wait. This time I’ll finally get a chance to show Matthew my beloved Helsinki that I’ve missed so much. Bring on 10 days of freedom!

x Nina x