Happy 1st Birthday Lana!

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A year has gone by since our little frog was born and changed our lives forever. Every day since then has been amazing and it just keeps getting better. There are no words really to explain how much I love my little girl and how special she is to me.

Instead I’ll just tell you a bit about Lana now.


Lana loves to laugh and smile cheekily – especially when she knows she’s doing something she’s not allowed to.

Lana loves doing something she’s not supposed to do and then running away hoping that someone will chase her. Her favourite hobby without a doubt!

Lana loves taking my mobile and walking around the room talking on the phone in a loud voice. Usually she calls daddy.

Lana loves blueberries and throwing food on the floor. She’s a picky eater for sure.

lanaandkissaLana loves her plush toys, especially her cat that she hugs, strokes and kisses. The first thing we do every morning is to go into the living room to find the cat and give it a morning cuddle.

Lana loves cats. Full stop. Other animals interest her too, but nowhere near as much as cats. (Crazy cat lady in the making?)

Lana loves exploring and will walk off on her own doing so wherever we go.

atmeltmongersLana loves reading books – she’ll bring me books throughout the day that she wants me to read to her.

Lana loves other children but often scares them off by being too full on.

Lana loves cuddling up with me for her daytime (and nighttime) feeds. Yes, still breastfeeding – because we both love it and she’s worth it! 😀

Lana loves picking up things and carrying them around until she finds something more interesting and drops whatever she was carrying to pick up her new “toy”. I keep finding things in odd places and I am constantly looking for stuff Lana’s hidden.

Lana loves waking up several times a night. Mamma doesn’t love it.

Lana loves shoes. She is just fascinated by them and will go and pick up shoes that she’ll examine and carry around the house (and leave in the bedside table drawer or the bin.)

lana10monthsLana loves being the centre of attention and speaks in a loud and clear voice to make sure she is.

Lana loves talking. She starts the minute she wakes up and doesn’t stop until I put her to bed. It sounds like she’s actually speaking a language that unfortunately no one understands.

Lana loves being out and about where she can get attention from other people too – not only from mamma and pappa.

sillybillysLana loves it when daddy comes home from work. We usually wait by the door and she’ll let out little squeaks of joy.

Lana loves Justin Bieber. (Where did we go wrong already?!) Matthew sometimes puts on the music video channel, and whenever Justin comes on (which is about every 5 minutes or so these days) Lana stops what she’s doing and slowly walks to the TV like a little zombie. Adele’s “hello” song works quite well too.

Lana loves life – she seems happy and content, and that is the most important thing in the world to me. It makes me think I’m doing an ok job as a mother.

usThank you Lana for being you!

x Nina x