Happy 1st Birthday to My Blog!

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On May 10th 2013 I published my first blog post, with the intention of just seeing how it goes and if I like it enough to keep blogging. A year and 74 blog posts later I still enjoy it, so hopefully there will be a 2nd birthday! However, I decided from the start not to put any pressure on myself and only blog because I enjoy it. I wouldn’t want it to start feeling like a job – I do enough blogging at work already!

So, to celebrate my blog’s  birthday we all went out for lunch on Saturday…Just kidding, it was actually Matthew’s brother’s birthday 😀 We had a late lunch at a cute little pizza place on Leith walk, Origano – would definitely recommend the pizza and the desserts!


Afterwards we went for a cocktail to Treacle on Broughton street – the Adams siblings were in a good mood 🙂


The birthday celebrations went on very late, so was not feeling too fresh yesterday…At least we managed to get out of the house – for a nice walk to a second hand furniture shop to see if there would’ve been anything for our very empty flat. Didn’t get much help from this guy though:

photo1 (5)

All we found was a mirror, but as we already have two (and that’s all we’ve gotten for the flat so far – how vain are we?!) we decided to leave it there. Our moving in date should be this Friday, but as we can’t get a reference from our landlord who is on holiday we don’t know if that will happen or if we’ll have to wait for when he comes back. So for now we’re still at Casa Adams cluttering the house with all our stuff!

Oh well, I’m sure it’ll all work out somehow. Hope you all have a good week!

x Nina x

PS. Didn’t watch the Eurovision, but must say I was disappointed to find out the beard woman came first. I really wish we could relive the whole thing – but with the Wurst having shaved before getting on stage. Pretty sure the song wouldn’t have won.