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East London Netil House View

Hey folks!

When I first moved up to Edinburgh I really thought that it would be supereasy to just pop down to London for a weekend or so, but I soon realised that it is easier said than done. Train tickets are ridiculously expensive if you want to travel at a decent time (or any other time for that matter), and a 4,5-5 hour train-ride isn’t really my idea of a good time either. Flying is another possibility, but having done that it is almost even more of a hassle than taking the train.

On top of all this, going to Finland twice this summer and the office being closed for two weeks over Christmas means I have no holidays left…Sorry about the rant, I’d just really like it to be as effortless (and cheap) to go to London as I first thought it would be. Anyway, I think I’ve been away long enough now to only remember the good things and hence starting to miss the hustle and bustle of the city, not to mention my friends! (If it seems like I just sit around here missing Helsinki and London, that’s not the case!)

Best way to reminisce is to look at photos, so here are a few from my time in London.


This is close to my first flat in Shepherd’s Bush, West London, and where I used to wait for the bus early in the morning. So happy when we moved to North London!

London Fields1

Probably the first photo on my first weekend after moving to London. This is in October!


Work Christmas party at my first job – had to work early next day so not a big night out for me.


Work Christmas party at my second job at the London Film museum – we’re not actually in the tube!


I made a huge effort to dress up with a wig, and yes, that is Big Ben in the background.


The lovely Sarah with shining teeth on the following year’s Christmas party.


Matthew’s and mine first joint project; a jigsaw with one piece missing! The most annoying thing ever.


The lovely Annika paid me a visit, and we got to meet the queen.


Pretty girls and a bin on Field Day in Victoria Park.


This sunny festival ended in cats and dogs falling down from the sky. Good times anyway!


First snow. We look so proud of that pathetic, little excuse for a snowman.


The view from the flat in Finsbury Park and a little more snow.


Had some extremely cute visitors too.


Cordelia got hypnotised by a guy in the pub we were in so that she couldn’t bend her arm! It didn’t work on me though. (That’s a screenshot not a video btw.)


Had a great three days at End of the road festival in Dorset.


Had many good meals in Chinatown, these decorations are for the Chinese New Year.


Won’t forget Josie’s and mine extempore berry mojito day!


Went dog racing at Wimbledon and got a little hooked on betting when I realised I had undiscovered dog betting skills.


Spent a day in Richmond Park checking out deer n’ stuff.


Discovered that Matthew can’t row in Alexandra Palace.

ParisienneWent to Paris avec ma cherie. An hour after arriving we were already on the red wine and the cheese.


Went to see many amazing gigs – this is Purity Ring in Hackney church.


One of those awesome nights out with the girls on a Friday after work.


Had a superfun leaving-drinks-night – Cordelia obviously doesn’t want to let me go!


Outside our flat just before catching the train to Edinburgh. Goodbye London!

Got a little carried away with the photos, but there are just so many good times and so many good memories! Will visit soon!

Tomorrow we’re off to the Highlands, yay! 🙂

x Nina x