Happy Mother's Day!

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mothers day 2015

In Finland we don’t celebrate Mother’s Day until the second Sunday in May, but as I’m now living in the UK I suppose it means I get to celebrate it twice, right? 🙂 So today is the first (out of two) Mother’s Day for me – it feels surreal and amazing at the same time…

Only now, after 5 weeks of caring for my own child, do I feel like I can really appreciate what hard work it is to be a mother! (Don’t want to think about what hard work the teenage years will be…) So RESPECT to all you mother’s out there, you’re doing a great job! Especially to my own mum who raised 6 children – don’t know how she did it, but we turned out half decent at least 😉


I wanted to take one of those cute baby photos where the baby is sleeping curled up on her stomach, but it didn’t really turn out the way I wanted…But she’s cute nonetheless!


And of course her goofy dad had to get into the picture as well…Only slightly less cute.

Happy UK Mother’s Day mums!

x Nina x