Happy Runeberg's Day!

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Johan Ludvig Runeberg (1804-1877) is Finland’s national poet, and we celebrate him today on the 5th of February. He was actually a Swedish speaking Finn like me, who wrote in Swedish and lived in my home town Porvoo. He taught Latin literature at the same high school I went to, Borgå Gymnasium. I’ve always liked the day – mainly because you get to have one of these delicious Runeberg’s tarts created by his wife, Fredrika Runeberg…:)

I decided to try and make some as you can’t really get a hold of any here…They’re made with ground almonds, breadcrumbs and almond extract (among other things) and topped with raspberry jam and a ring made of sugar icing. (There are loads of different recipes out there.) Have to say they turned out ok although they’re not exactly like the original thing – but at least they satisfied my cravings for a tart!

tarts runebergtarts


This is what the tarts usually look like. They’re very moist as well, yum. I have to confess that I actually had one already when we were visiting during Christmas…

Luckily my cold is a bit better, so will head out to enjoy the sun and go meet Matthew for lunch – and hope that a bit of walking will make the baby decide to show face!

x Nina x