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Ever since I first heard about food boxes I’ve been curious to try them, but it wasn’t until Matthew’s sister recently tried Hello Fresh and through that got an offer she could pass on to friends and family that we tried it too – basically just £1 for 3 meals so not bad at all. We opted for the vegetarian box and in case there are any other curious people out there I thought I’d share what this experience was like!

Hello Fresh delivers non-processed food made with the highest quality produce by British suppliers. They provide you with the exact amounts for each recipe so that you won’t end up with any leftovers. They also claim to be cheaper than it would be buying the same ingredients at Tesco.

Here are the 3 recipes we received in the veggie box. It all looked good to me – apart from the mushrooms that Matthew kindly ate. Most of the recipes take around 30 minutes to prepare, which I found quite accurate. This 3-meal veggie box for two people costs £6 per meal and £36 per box.

And here is the contents of the box. I’m pretty picky when it comes to fruit and veg but found nothing to complain about! Everything looked fresh and of good quality. A wee negative would be the small individually packed ingredients (such as the 5 cheeses) that obviously produce more waste – but then on the other hand a lot of the veg came without a bag too. You’re basically provided with everything apart from the basics such as salt, pepper and olive oil.

The first meal was Jamie Oliver’s basil pesto tagliatelle with tomatoes, beans and greens.

It was easy to make and went down pretty well. My only criticism was that is was a little bit tasteless – but that you can obviously change by adding more of your own spices.

The second dish, and probably my favourite, was a Sicilian caponata with pine nuts and garlic ciabatta. It was also easy to prepare and it was full of flavour.

There just wasn’t enough food and both Matthew and I had to have a snack later on. We both felt the proteins were missing and that two small pieces of garlic bread wasn’t enough. I’ve started making this regularly though, but more as a side than a main dish.

The third recipe was a psychedelic veggie Shepherd’s Pie – psychedelic because of the purple potatoes that I can’t remember trying before!

I must say it looked a bit weird, almost like a dessert. The pie took a bit longer to prepare as it needed time in the oven.

We ended up with this, which is pretty much exactly the recipe I use myself when I make Shepherd’s Pie – apart from the fact that I don’t use weird potatoes. They tasted pretty similar though, just a little bit earthier than normal tatties. I couldn’t get very excited about this one as I was expecting new recipes to try, but it was tasty and there was leftovers.

The verdict? Matthew didn’t want to keep subscribing as he didn’t think there was enough food and he was obviously missing his beloved meat. I thought it was quite nice to not have to think about what to cook and would’ve wanted to try it for at least a second week just to see how varied the recipes were – but we decided not to in the end.

Have you tried any food boxes?

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