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Howdy ho from casa Äikäs-Adams! How is everyone holding up? Getting cabin fever or maybe secretly enjoying social distancing? I want to keep writing down how this absurd time is affecting us – so here’s a wee update from us 🙂

So what’s happened in the past few weeks? Matthew’s started his new job, which is great. He was so lucky to get the job, and his manager even said that had the work application process started a week later there wouldn’t have been a position for him. Pfeew. He’s having a lot of meetings now, so it is trickier to combine both of us working full time and my studies with having Maya and Lana at home. But things have gone surprisingly well anyway and on the good days I can get quite a bit of work done. What we don’t have time or the energy to do though is tidying up – so the house is a constant mess. Anyone who can relate?!

At the office in my dressing gown and a loud guy on the phone in the background.
At the office, still in my dressing gown and now with two monkeys in the back.

I think Lana and Maya has adapted to the situation as they have stopped asking about nursery or saying they want to go to see their grandparents etc. They’ve just accepted the situation I guess. They seem fine and have been playing together so well after the initial fighting at the beginning of quarantine. Of course there has been more screens involved, which I know is something inevitable in this situation. I still feel guilty about it though – and I feel sorry for them not being able to see anyone. This feeling sorry for them has resulted in us giving them more treats and buying them some toys…This weekend we’ll go and stand beneath my parents’ balcony so the kids can see them at least – and vice versa!

Lana and Maya’s games usually involve a mess. There’s a tent in the living room at the moment.
The girl’s favourite game: dressing up. The number of outfits they both go through in a day is shocking.
It was sunny and we felt sorry for them so we got them some ice cream on a Monday…

Myself then? A bit of the same as the girls I think; I’ve also adapted to the new situation – but I have to say that now, after about a month of social distancing and not seeing any friends or family I am starting to feel like I’ve had enough. I even suggested to Matthew that maybe we could meet up with friends/family in the play park or outside – especially since I’ve been seeing quite a few people seeing friends and family lately on social media…But Matthew talked some sense into me and I know we just need to pull our weight and stick this out. So please people, let’s keep our distance until it’s safe again – because we all want this to be over sooner rather than later right?!

We went to Varlaxudden in Emsalö on a sunny Saturday and omg how many people there were.
Will need to pick less popular spots for out future nature excursions!

What else could I tell you…We’ve started planning what we’re going to do with the garden and Matthew has actually already built a raised bed for planting veggies, herbs etc. I think we’re also going to buy a green house. The garden is a blank canvas at the moment and we have no knowledge about gardening, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something…The weather has been amazing lately, which has made everything so much better. Had it just been raining the whole time we would have struggled. So thank you sun for visiting us so frequently! Because of the warmer weather the girls have stayed outside for a lot longer and started venturing into the forest and fields surrounding us. Even Maya who always wants to be carried in the forest is going in on her own. They’re turning into little country folk haha. So proud.

That one day I wore makeup had to be caught on camera. Really need to clean the mirror…

There’s a lot of people sharing home workouts on social media now, and that combined with the nice weather and being at home all the time has resulted in more exercising – so by the end of this I’ll probably be superfit 🙂 Although, on the other hand, I’ve eaten a lot more chocolate and sweets than usual…Hmm.

Easter came and went. We didn’t celebrate in any way really. We did a small Easter egg hunt in the garden for the girls but that’s about it.
Tiger surprised us with some Easter arts and crafts – the perfect quarantine gift!

We gave up with potty-training Maya after around 10 days. Or we’re taking a break. She just wasn’t having it and it became increasingly hard to even get her to sit on the potty. Maybe we should’ve started training her when she was one and she first started showing an interest in the whole thing – now she’s so damn stubborn that she doesn’t want to do anything we tell her. Typical two year old behaviour I guess. I’d still like to get her dry before she goes back to nursery, so will give it another go soon.

Ok, time for pizza Friday. And maybe some wine. And ice cream. Have a good weekend peeps!

x Nina x