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The Ally Bally Bee Project

Something I haven’t told you about here on the blog yet (because Matthew hasn’t let me until now) is The Ally Bally Bee Project. Around two years ago, just before Lana was born and my grandmother’s Alzheimer’s got worse Matthew had an idea about creating a personalised children’s book that explains dementia to your wee one. 

Matthew has applied for funding in many places and has been granted enough money to have the story and the illustrations done. Swedish Elvira Ashby is a published children’s author and married to a Brit, and the perfect fit for the project. The illustrations for the book are being created by a young and talented student called Daisy Wilson. We love her illustrations and we hope you will too!

The book will be personalised, meaning your child and the person living with dementia are starring in the book. So if your child’s name is Alice and it’s her grandmother who has dementia, that’s what the main characters will be called. Dementia also affects every person differently, so you will also be able to personalise your book further by adding something Alice’s granny does, such as not always remembering Alice’s name.

The situation now is that there is no more funding to create the website that allows you to personalise and order the book online. So in order to raise money Matthew has created a Kickstarter campaign and video. For those of you who haven’t heard about Kickstarter before; it’s a fundraising website where people share videos of their projects asking for a certain amount of money. In return you’ll get different rewards depending on how much you donate. For example, if you give £20 you’ll receive the book when it’s finished! However, if the project doesn’t reach the target, £3000 in this case, Matthew won’t receive any of the money and no money will be taken out of your account.

Founder of the Ally Bally Bee Project
Matthew’s award winning poster from the Alzheimer Europe Conference in Copenhagen, 2016.

So please, click on the play button above or the link below and watch the 2-minute video that will explain the project further. We would really, really appreciate it if you shared it with your friends, family and colleagues – and perhaps even donate if you can spare a few pounds.

Matthew’s worked so hard on this project and I’m really, really proud of him. The VIDEO deserves to be watched!