Hempea & Archetype – Two sustainable Finnish Brands You Should Know About

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When I was younger I didn’t care much what fabric my clothes and other textiles were, and I never checked what fabric a piece of clothing was before I bought it. Now it’s usually the first thing I check and if the material of a garment or textile doesn’t feel nice I simply won’t buy it. I also want to favour more sustainable and natural fabrics, both because I like them better and because it’s better for the environment.

Back then I didn’t understand different materials very well, and e.g. thought linen was annoying since it creases so easily. But now I just think it’s beautiful how linen is “alive” and constantly moving and changing. And it’s lightweight, breathable and above all, natural and derived from a plant. Did you know that linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant? It requires less water than cotton and doesn’t need chemical fertilizers or pesticides. It’s also biodegradable.

Finnish hemp poncho
Hempea sells ecological hemp home textiles made in Finland.
Archetype makes timeless linen clothes for women.

Another textile that is very similar to linen is hemp, made from the hemp plant. Hemp is probably the most eco-friendly fabric out there, because the hemp plant is one of the fastest growing plants and it doesn’t need fertilizers, pesticides nor much water to grow. It can also produce two to three times more fiber per acre than cotton and it actually replenishes the soil it grows in rather than extracts its nutrients.

As fabrics both linen and hemp are durable, very soft, breathable, moisture-wicking and antibacterial. And why am I writing about linen and hemp you might wonder? It’s because I’m doing a collaboration with two different sustainable Finnish businesses that produce textiles and clothes made from these two natural fabrics – and I’ve been gifted products by them to try out and write my honest opinion about. These are two businesses with values that reflect mine and which I can fully stand behind. And a big bonus is that they are Finnish of course!


This is a small, responsible business that sells ecological hemp home textiles made in Finland. Hempea aims to produce timeless and long-lasting pieces with as little left-over fabric as possible. The founder, Maija-Marja, lives in Northern Lapland and is inspired by its nature; the open wide fells, chrystal clear streams and polar nights.

If you’re wondering why Lana is looking so big it’s because it’s not her – I borrowed my friend’s 8-year-old girl to model as Maya was in a typical toddler-mood and refused to put the poncho on…
The poncho towels were great on the beach as well, as they protected the girls from the sun without being too hot.

In case someone is wondering, the word ‘hempeä’ means gentle, sweet and soft in Finnish – just like the products they sell. Hempea uses only 100% chemical-free European hemp. The fabric is made by a small producer in Romania where hemp production has centuries long tradition and history, and the products are sewn in Northern Finland; in Ivalo and Rovaniemi.

Hempea kindly gifted a Pielpa Waffle Poncho Towel each for Lana and Maya. The girls actually only have one towel each, so these will definitely be used. And they’re so much more fun than a regular towel too, as the girls love pretending the towels are capes. And me, I just love the soft waffle fabric and the minimalist Nordic design. They’re so pretty that I want to keep them on display in the bathroom all the time. They were great on our recent trip to a beautiful beach in the archipelago as well.

If you want good quality, sustainable and natural hemp bed sheets, towels or tablecloths made in Finland, visit www.hempea.com!

Unlike all other HEMPEA hemp products, Pielpa waffle towels are a mix of 70% hemp and 30% soft organic cotton.
Two wee elves on the beach inspecting something.


“We create garments which transcend trends and turn into wardrobe staples.” This is the philosophy behind Archetype – a clothing label established in Helsinki in 2020. They’re all about slow fashion and creating pieces you will have in your wardrobe for a long time.

I’m wearing the Shirt Jacket in a size S in the colour ecru.

Archetype uses natural materials in their clothes, and for the first collection they chose linen. The linen they use is spun and woven in Lithuania and then the fabrics are sent to their partner company in Estonia for cutting and sewing.

I came across Archetype on Instagram and thought their clothes were beautifully made, timeless and something I want to have in my wardrobe. I’m working towards having a wardrobe with only garments I want to use year after year. So I got in touch with Archetype to ask if they wanted to do a collab – which they did 🙂

Felt so comfortable and classy in this summery outfit.
Linen is such a beautiful fabric <3
The doors in Tallinn were so beautiful we had to stop to take photos in front of them aaall the time.
Not easy to get the girls to look into the camera – which doesn’t really matter as I like the “in the moment” type of photos more anyway.

I chose the Shirt Jacket in colour ecru as I felt it matches my style and I just loved the colour. To be honest I had a really hard time deciding though! The shirt arrived and felt like it was of good quality and that a lot of effort has gone into the design and to make sure the shirt fits well. I wore it in Tallinn and it was comfortable and the linen felt nice and cool against my skin – loved it so much that I wore it two days in a row.

So if you need wardrobe staples, want to choose natural materials and support a Finnish company do check out www.archetype-label.com.

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