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Hello from our girls’ night in! Matthew is at his company Christmas party and will stay overnight in Helsinki – which means I’m on my own with the girls for the first time in our new house…Which makes me feel a little bit nervous – but I’m sure it’ll be fine as long as I don’t hear any strange noises or something…

I’ve felt a bit stressed out lately. I’ve been trying to find the right company to sponsor my six-month digital marketing course I’ve told you about, and so far quite a few companies have been interested in my profile – and some even offered me a job. But it also needs to be a company I want to work for (basically for free during the course), so I’m quite picky. I’ve got a few more interviews next week, including a second interview for a “real” job. I have to say this process of interviewing is really draining and exhausting! Also not knowing what is going to happen and what my near future will look like is tiring. But hopefully I’ll know more by the end of next week! I also have my final exam for my nutrition course next week, which I should be studying for…

Lana found a ladybird last week – don’t understand how do they survive the cold??

Lana was at her first nursery birthday party yesterday and it was so nice to see that she’s starting to form bonds with the other kids. Although she is actually going to move to another group after New Year – a group with kids more her age. At the moment she is pretty much the oldest kid in the group with the majority of the other children being 2-3 years old. It’s been nice for Maya to have her big sister with her for the first few months of nursery, but Lana needs friends her own age – for her own development as well as to get to know the kids she will be going to pre school and school with.

Our new beautiful macrame-piece by @macrame_by_lana (another Lana! :D)

I’m trying to think what else I’ve done (apart from trying to sort out the rest of my life) but struggle to think of anything haha. Well, we’ve been doing some work on the house and have painted a few things, bought a few things and trying to figure out what we’re going to put on the walls and where. I actually posted a photo of our bedroom where I was asking for tips for what to put above our bed – and following this post I got contacted by @macrame_by_lana on Instagram, who suggested a collaboration. And now this collaboration is hanging on the wall and I love it! As I do macrame myself I think I can tell who is really good at knotting and who’s not – and Lana does it with great attention to detail. And she can knot pretty much whatever you fancy, so check her out if you want to adorn your wall with a beautiful piece of macrame! (Also doesn’t hurt that she’s got a pretty awesome name).

My dad and brother have started putting up a temporary garage-tent, so I don’t have to keep scraping the car windows every time the temperature goes below zero. Oh, forgot to tell you we’ve bought a second car! We really didn’t want to, but we needed to. It’s a very small and basic car that Matthew will use to get to the bus stop and back. Unfortunately it won’t fit in the garage, but we’re having a heating system installed so we can heat it with a timer.

After a good night’s sleep I felt like wearing my pink cardigan – to reflect my mood. This mirror that used to be a painting has been in the family for a long time and now it’s moving in with us <3
Maya was perhaps a bit too young for the clay workshop, but she does have a lot of experience with play dough to be fair!
My clay elf (the right one) looks like a disguised minion and Lana’s looks a bit like it’s being sick haha. But nothing is cuter than when your kids make something themselves <3
Maya’s elf <3 <3 <3 They’re still going into a really hot oven and will get the red colour added then. We will be able to pick them up in a couple of weeks’ time I think. Not actually sure from where though…hmm.

The girls and I have just had frozen pizza (mum points to me) and I think I promised we’d make some popcorn too…Hope they will go to bed relatively early so I can watch some crap and eat my pick&mix sweets! Tomorrow we’ll try and get out early to go to this Christmas arts&crafts thing for kids, then a Christmas market at my friends’ kids nursery and if possible check out the Christmas opening event in Porvoo Old Town. Depends a bit on how hungover Matthew is and how soon he can get back home…Poor thing was going to wear his kilt to the party, but realised he couldn’t fit into it anymore! It was fine in May when he last wore it though haha.

Our Ivar cabinets with legs from Prettypegs have finally been mounted to the wall, yay! And so has our round mirror – makes me so happy!
The cutest nursery in Porvoo for sure.

I started writing this post on Friday, and now it’s Sunday evening. The girls and I survived the night without Matthew and I actually slept better than I have in a long time! I felt so refreshed that I managed to get the girls out relatively early so we could go to this clay workshop where we made Christmas elves and then visit my friends’ kids’ nursery Christmas market – the cutest nursery ever btw. After we got back my dad came over and sorted out the cupboards in the entrance room as well as put up a round mirror – and I’m so happy about this that I find myself going over just to look at it haha.

We needed some sun!
Would love for it to snow a bit more – it just brightens up the world so much!
This is the same stream that passes by our house too.
Our house definitely looks good in the snow <3 I can’t wait for more snow so we can turn this into a sledging hill!

This Sunday has been such a perfect Sunday; we went for a walk in the forest to soak up some winter sun, I made lentil soup, I vacuumed and tidied the whole house, went for a crisp winter run in the snow (my favourite kind of run!) and now Matthew is cooking a special Nigel Slater dinner with aubergine and butternut squash. Still want to decorate our Christmas tree too! Yup, we have one already. Obviously. Not as crazy as that year we had one from October to March though haha! (It just wouldn’t die.)

Ok, time to end this post and go hang out on the sofa. Have a great week everyone!

x Nina x

PS. Now it looks like Maya will have to stay home from nursery tomorrow because of her cold – so good luck to me trying to read for an exam and prepare for my interviews…