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On last week’s Monday I posted the passport applications for Maya and Lana (apparently she needs a new one as you can’t tell it’s her from the old photo…) and couldn’t believe my eyes when they arrived on that same Friday! That meant I could book our flights to Finland for me and the girls before the prices became too insane. Yay!

We’re going on the 9th of December and staying until the 9th of January, with Matthew coming over for a week or so over Christmas. I just finished my last piece of Finnish rye bread and xylitol chewing gum, so a trip is really due! Plus not being pregnant means I can eat shitloads of salty liquorice…And obviously I also want to introduce Maya to everyone 🙂 She’ll be only 5 weeks old when we go, but for some reason I’m not even nervous about flying with a toddler and a newborn. Fingers crossed everything goes well.

The other day I came across a mummy vlogger with 7 kids (including three adopted children, baby twins and a girl with Down’s syndrome) who makes everything look like a breeze – watch her morning routine video here and see for yourself! After watching that I figured I can handle two kids and so yesterday after trying to leave the house for 2,5 hours I ventured into town in the rain with both kids on my own for the first time. And guess what? We all survived 🙂 We went to the National Museum and Maya slept in the sling the whole time and Lana behaved pretty well too. Happy times.

After getting home Lana gave us a fright when she decided to drink a whole bottle of Maya’s vitamin D…We started calling around trying to figure out if it was dangerous – and eventually got hold of a doctor at the Sick Kids’ Hospital who told us she should be fine and that we should just keep and eye on her in case she develops any symptoms…She’s fine thank god!

Things haven’t actually been as hectic as I thought and I think that it might be because this time I know what to expect and what not to expect. With the first child your life is turned upside down and you have to learn everything from scratch – whereas now, for example, I know that babies make funny noises and that there’s no need to see a doctor about that haha. What is more hectic this time around though is the amount of laundry – cannot remember Lana being as messy (she probably was though) and constantly covering us in sick like Maya does…What makes everyday life a lot easier too is that Matthew’s mum and dad kindly take Lana on Mondays and Thursdays, which gives me some time to focus only on Maya (and laundry and cleaning).

Matthew’s colleague’s wife knitted Maya the most adorable festive hat and booties that I have to show you! The little cardigan is knitted by Matthew’s relative in Australia who also clearly knows what she’s doing.

And here are the booties too – plus some pinecones I just had to throw in.

With the weather getting colder I’m also getting into the knitting spirit and have so far managed to knit myself this chunky headband that is so easy to make. On my to do-list is a hat for Lana, socks for myself and more headbands. Can’t wait to get started!

Maya is doing great; feeding well and putting on a lot of weight. Her big sister is still squeezing her every chance she gets and proudly telling the world about her baby sister. So cute.

My gorgeous girl <3 I love watching her pulling the cutest little faces like babies do and looking forward to that first smile that I’m sure will be here soon!

And here’s Maya sleeping through her passport photo shoot 🙂 (Matthew’s clearly dressed Lana…)

On another note; we’ve started watching the Sopranos that Matthew says is one of the best shows ever. We’re on the second season and it’s slowly growing on me to the point where I notice myself looking forward to watching it in the evenings. Have you seen the Sopranos?

x Nina x

PS. I can fit into my jeans again! No more leggings for a good while 🙂