What I Eat in a Day – Weekend Edition

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Not too long ago I published a post about what I eat in a day on a regular weekday – and since it was pretty healthy I felt like it didn’t properly reflect my diet and that I needed to do a post about what I eat on a “cheat day” too. I try to eat healthy during the week and allow myself to indulge on the weekend. And trust me, I do indulge! 

The light here is really bad at the moment, which means it’s not easy to take decent photos – or have time to do so before it gets pitch black! Also, these photos aren’t styled in any way so don’t expect mouthwatering shots of food…Keep scrolling for all the unhealthy things I ate last Saturday and be shocked!

We spent the weekend at my parents and I didn’t have my daily matcha with me – so I had a real coffee (no decaf available either) with Oatly’s barista milk of course.

Even on a cheat day I mostly have porridge for breakfast – that’s how much I enjoy it! It just gets the day off to such a good start that I have to have it. Addicted to porridge haha.

We went to our usual hangout in Porvoo, Zum Beispiel, for lunch. You can eat as much bread there as you like – and since the bread is amazing and homemade it is difficult not to stuff your face with it before the generous portions arrive. That rosemary bread is yum!

I ordered a portion with roasted beetroot (love beetroot), falafel, red pepper filled with spinach, hummus, fennel and some sort of herb spread. Pretty much everything I like on one plate! All their portions come with a small side salad too. I was stuffed after this to say the least!

But naturally there was still room in my dessert stomach – so we headed to the charming PetriS Chocolate Room. I wanted to buy my dad some quality chocolate for Father’s Day, but we ended up staying for coffee and cake at the cute cafe. I felt like a Runeberg’s tart (named after our national poet who lived in Porvoo) so that’s what I had! It was very sweet though, so Lana ended up finishing it for me. She had some chocolate too and was buzzing for hours afterwards…

Something I always missed when living in the UK was proper pick&mix sweets – something you’ll find in every supermarket here. Funnily enough I’ve only had it twice since we moved here, so it was about time I had another bag. Excuses I know! 335 grams worth of excuses…Matthew had some but I finished most of it on my own during the rest of that day. Can’t say I’m proud, but it’ll keep me going for a while. About a week haha.

As if all those sweets weren’t enough I also had a few pieces of this salty liquorice chocolate my dad bought. It’s amazing.

At some point I realised I hadn’t eaten much fruit and veg so I had a mandarin and a tomato. It made me feel slightly better haha.

And last but not least a healthy and fresh dinner in the form of frozen pizza! I would much rather have home made pizza, but couldn’t be bothered making one, so this had to do. The perfect unhealthy finish to an unhealthy day!

I do need these kinds of days when I’m allowed to eat whatever I want – and I need to satisfy my sweet tooth properly at least once a week. I’ve tried to abstain from sugar so many times but always end up binging and feeling sick afterwards. So for me it works to be good most of the time and then eat what I want on a weekly basis. And you know what? I don’t even feel guilty for eating all this in one day!

Would you be able to stomach all this food in one day??

x Nina x

PS. This is the perfect post to follow my last one…Not! Haha.