What I Eat in A Day

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I’m not sure why I haven’t done a post like this before – especially since I love seeing what other people eat and get inspired! So last Wednesday, on just a regular weekday, I decided to take photos of my meals and show them to you guys. If you don’t know already, I’m a vegetarian who’s trying to make vegan choices where I can and where my willpower allows for it… 

During the week I eat a pretty healthy diet, and we have vegan dinners several times per week. During the weekend we’re often out and have takeaways, plus I need to satisfy my sweet tooth – which means I’ll probably have salmiakki (salty liquorice), chocolate, liquorice or whatever I fancy…Anyway, let’s get started!

I always start my day with one or two big glasses of water, because I always feel pretty dehydrated after the night.

After my water I have my daily matcha between 8am and 9am. All I have to do is add some hot (but not boiling) water onto the matcha powder and whisk with my special little bamboo whisk. If you want to know more about matcha check out this blog post. A couple of times per week I’ll also have a decaf coffee with oat milk – but only when I actually have time to sit down and enjoy it. Otherwise it’s not worth it!

Most mornings I’ll have porridge made with oat milk, chia seeds, cinnamon and sunflower seeds and topped with banana and honey. The trick is to cook the porridge in a pan on a low heat – and to add a tiny bit of salt. The salt is the backbone of the porridge! I usually don’t get to have my breakfast until 10am or later.

Around 1pm I’m already starving, and usually I would just have leftovers or make something really simple. We had pita breads with falafel the night before, so I just chop up what’s in the fridge and have some of the marinated red cabbage we had in our pitas. My cashew dip was finished (it’s amazing btw, will share the recipe here soon!) so I just had some of Oatly’s new vegan tomato and basil spread. It’s so nice!

Soon after I had eaten I realised I was still hungry, so I had some of my favourite Finnish rye bread (Vaasan Ruispalat Ohut Herkku) with some Finnish vegan cheese I don’t hate (Porlammin Vege Plus). It’s actually the best vegan cheese I’ve tasted!

After picking up Lana from nursery at 4pm I often make a green smoothie with whatever I can find. This one had frozen red currants, kale, apple, avocado and oat milk I think…And maybe a banana for sweetness. My smoothies aren’t very sweet at all, but at least that makes them more healthy I guess.

And with the smoothie I had more rye bread. It’s so thin and chewy and amazing <3

For dinner we had a good old pasta bake with some cherry tomatoes and that same red cabbage from before. For “meat” I used a Finnish invention called Härkis, which is made from broad beans and is rich in proteins. I also put in some onion, carrot and zucchini. I did use real cheese on top – and I think that was the only non-vegan food I had that day. Oh no, I did have honey with my porridge – but many vegans disagree on if it is vegan or not.

And for dessert I had some fruit. Since it’s apple season I make sure we have loads of Finnish apples in our fruit bowl – and I love mandarins too, so happy they’re available in shops now.

I will need to make a weekend edition too, cause this menu makes me look way healthier than I really am haha!

Do you enjoy seeing what other people eat?

x Nina x