I Made Another Dress!

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Pussy Bow Dress by Salme Sewing Patterns

Hi all!

It’s Saturday night and the Champion’s league final is on in this house, so thought I’d do some blogging instead! We’ve moved the last of our stuff to the flat today, but as we don’t have a TV or internet  we’re spending one more night at Matthew’s parent’s place so Matthew can watch football…Men!

Talking of football, some of you might’ve seen what happened to Matthew’s foot in his weekly Monday night football game…He sprained his ankle quite badly and is still on crutches – hence we still haven’t moved (the flat is on the second floor and with no internet he couldn’t work from home there).

We spent half the night on Monday in Edinburgh’s only A&E – it was probably my saddest and most disturbing experience in this city so far…The place was full of intoxicated people who were completely out of it, and the police had their hands full with trying to keep the place safe for the other patients… And this was just a Monday night, imagine what Friday or Saturday night would be like!!

Anyway, some of you might remember one of my first posts of the first dress I’ve ever made (for my friend’s 30th birthday) and how it got lost in the post on the way to London. 🙁 Well I finally made another one with the same pattern, and this time I took it to London myself!


I used a pattern by Salme sewing patterns, which I think are quite modern and easy – I’ve only made two so far though. (It’s a Finnish woman who designs the patterns herself.)


Once you’ve bought the patterns online, you receive a pdf that you have to download and print. Then you piece the A4s together with tape and cut out the different pattern pieces. Easy peasy.


Mid-way through the project. The bodice and the skirt are made separately and then sewn together. That’s my red little sewing machine that Matthew gave me for my birthday 🙂


The bow-part was definitely the most difficult to make.


Here it is in all its glory! I thought the colour was very much one of my friend’s colours, hope she thinks so too!

And here we have the lucky birthday child 🙂 (Not sure if she looks slightly embarrassed in the first photo haha…)


And this is my next project – a jumpsuit, also by Salme Sewing patterns. I’ve already bought the pattern, just need to find a fabric I like. Thinking summer and flowers, or at least something more exciting than black 🙂 Might get started next month when Matthew is off to Lisbon for his lad’s holiday…

The game is almost finished, yay! Hope you all have a good Saturday night!

x Nina x