I'm Back and I've Got News!

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Finnish Archipelago Pellinge

Hi all!

It’s been a while…2,5 months to be exact! I guess I had a bit of a blogging holiday, but there is a reason behind why…Not sure how to reveal big news on a blog, so will just bluntly say it: we’re having a baby in February!! Yup, we’re going to be parents – still don’t think I’ve quite realised what I’ve actually gotten myself into. But we’re both very happy and find it hard to wait another 5 months until we’ll get to meet the little one. We already got given some lovely baby clothes by a friend in Finland, thank you Diana & Pete! Can’t believe he or she will actually fit into these tiny clothes though…


So, the reason I’ve been quiet for so long is simply that I basically didn’t have the energy to blog or think about anything else than trying not to feel sick in the beginning, and after that I’ve kind of not gotten back into blogging again. But here we go again! I’ll try to not turn this blog into a maternity blog, but as having a baby is such a huge part of my life there will undoubtedly be some baby stuff too.

Apart from being tired and trying to take in this massive thing called pregnancy the summer’s basically consisted of work and a holiday in Finland where my second oldest brother got married. Whilst in Finland we got to spend a little time in the archipelago (see first photo), a lot of time with my niece and nephew and a day in Stockholm with my parents. We also had some friends visiting here in Edinburgh that we went glamping with in the countryside, will do a post on that too.

There’s a lot of catching up to do , but I’m glad to be back! =)

x Nina x