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It’s been a while since my last blog post and I’m sure many will think I’m pregnant as the only two other times I’ve had a break was when I was pregnant and not feeling well. So let’s start with saying that I’m not preggers!

The break has actually been involuntary; it was due to website hosting issues. But my dear husband has been working on it and I now have a new hosting provider. It’s all good, apart from the fact that a lot of photos have gone missing during the move (just like a real move when stuff goes missing haha) – but I have faith in Matthew to fix this too…

Anyway, so what has happened since my last blog a month ago? Well, obviously Christmas and New Year, which we spent in Edinburgh with Matthew’s family. Nana and Pop looked after the kids a lot so it was a bit of a holiday for me too, which was nice. So thank you again Nana and Pop for putting up with two energetic children (and two lazy adults)!

We celebrated Christmas Day at casa de Nana and Pop with Matthew’s sister (with family) and big brother. Matthew cooked the whole meal, so he was nowhere to be seen until 3pm when it was time to dig in. We all agreed he did a good job! Food was followed by opening the presents (although Lana and Maya opened a few in the morning already), (trying to) play some games, eating sweet stuff, drinking red wine and hanging out in front of a log fire.

Our two week visit to Edinburgh also included meeting wee cousin Marnie for the first time. She’s an adorable, happy little 6-month-old who Lana and Maya were so caring towards. It was so nice to watch Lana holding Marnie so gently and Maya stroking her head and trying to lift her – even though they were almost the same size haha. So proud of my girls! Today we were chatting about Lana’s nursery friend who has a baby brother and how Lana and her friend need to look after their younger siblings. Lana goes quiet for a little while and then says she’s got two babies to look after; Maya and Marnie. <3

Our New Year didn’t quite go to plan…The plan was for Matthew and I to go out with our friends for an adults’ night out, but the plan crumbled. First of all, I went to see my friend for a drink the evening before – and one drink turned into many and before we knew it the bar closed and we were the last people to leave…But there was just so much to talk about! I got home just after 1am and went to bed feeling really tired (and tipsy) – but Maya had other plans and kept me awake until 4am. So the following day, New Year’s Eve, I wasn’t feeling great to say the least. Also, I felt like I couldn’t leave Matthew’s mum to look after Maya if she would be as unsettled as the night before, so I said I’ll stay at home and Matthew could go out with his friends. We still went over to a friend’s place for dinner, but I came home around 11pm and Matthew went to meet his friends. Just after midnight when I was finally lying in my bed hoping to get some sleep I started feeling sick. So sick I had to throw up. Three times. Then both girls woke up.

Matthew bought a £40 ticket to this electronic music party at Old Leith Theatre, where he went with his friends just before midnight – only to discover it was shit and full of teenagers. (I told him!) He left and went to a house party, but soon after he found out I was throwing up and had to leave. So all in all a fiasko of a New Year!

If you follow me on Instagram you can’t have missed that it’s been snowing a lot here and how beautiful it is right now! I just love snow and I’m enjoying it so much more having been deprived of it for the past 7 years. Last weekend we went sledging and cross country skiing, both good and fun ways of getting some exercise in! Although Matthew wouldn’t agree – he did not have fun on our Sunday skiing session in the forests of Porvoo. He was very confident beforehand and was convinced cross country skiing is a piece of cake. But…he started complaining about 200 metres in and was even talking about taking the skiis off and walking in the snow instead. Plus he fell about a million times. I thought it was hilarious, but struggled to go as slow as Matthew was going so I kept leaving him behind and then had to wait in the cold. Let’s just say I’ll go alone next time!

I’ve finally applied for a nursery spot for Maya. You have to apply 4 months in advance, so she would start in the beginning of May. Which means I need to start looking for a job around that time too. But it’s a tricky situation as the nursery where Lana is (which is obviously our first choice) most likely won’t have space until August. And if we accept a place at another nursery she has to start there before we can apply for a transfer – which will also take 4 months. So the advice I got today was to wait until August to put Maya in nursery. But if I do that it means we’ll have to postpone getting our own place even more. I think I need to call the manager of Lana’s nursery and have a chat!

My knitting frenzy is still on and I’ve just finished knitting a pair of lace socks I never would’ve thought I’d be able to make two months ago! So happy with these. Now I’m finally knitting that jumper I’ve been talking about, but so far it’s hard to tell if it’ll fit me or Lana better…Hmm.

Last but not least, our new Wilfa Power Crush blender arrived today! Matthew broke the one we had in Edinburgh (to be fair it was a cheapy one) and the Nutribullet we bought to replace it (to be fair we had issues with it from the start), so I told him he needs to get me a proper one! This one was 50% off in the post Chirstmas sale, so it was a good deal. I’ve tried it once and it turned even raw carrot into smoothness. Now I can also make nut butters and soups, yay! I still also want my juicer, but that will have to wait until we have a bigger kitchen.

One last thing actually; if you need a new phone case/wallet, take a look at what iDeal of Sweden has to offer. I really struggled to choose just one as they were all so pretty! If you use the code FIWINTER you’ll get 20% off until the 31st of January.

Enough text for tonight, I will have to tell you about Maya’s sleeping issues another time. (Bet you can’t wait!)

x Nina x