I’m Doing Something Right

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I love plants and think they look nice and freshen up any room, but I’ve never really taken the time to learn how to look after them. Still our plants seem to thrive for some reason – although most of them are in their original small pots and don’t receive any TLC apart from water once a week or less. Maybe it’s our bright flat that is the secret behind it all?


Can you find the bud on this white lily? (Given to me by Matthew as a peace offering ages ago haha.)


Two buds on this one – no idea what plant it is though. Anyone?


This is a cheap Ikea plant in a tiny pot that just keeps growing – it’s already reached the floor!

I must be getting old as I think it would be exciting to see these plants bloom – but don’t worry mum, I won’t be cancelling our flight just so I can stay home watching our plants blossom 🙂

x Nina x

PS. Can’t believe I’m blogging about plants…