In Limbo

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cherry blossom Edinburgh

We still don’t have a moving date and haven’t even started packing yet. It’s nice to be able to take it easy and not having to stress and work towards a certain date – but at the same time I kind of want to have a clear plan, because I feel we’re a little bit in limbo now! 

We don’t want to buy flights before the buyers of our flat have signed the papers and there’s no going back on the deal, but we don’t know exactly when that’ll be. Hopefully next week. I did manage to order some boxes and bubble wrap so we can start packing up decorative stuff and things we don’t use. I’ve also started going through the toys and the girls’ clothes in order to leave behind everything we don’t use or that is too small. It’ll be refreshing to get rid of all that extra stuff and start over!

Edinburgh Castle Cherry Blossom

Maya hasn’t been sleeping great lately (teething/cold/gas/developmental milestone – who knows?!) and I’m being reminded about what sleep deprivation is – which contributes to the laidback vibe in our house at the moment. I’m just too tired to be stressing about the move! And Matthew, on the other hand, is enjoying being unemployed and sitting around in his pants all day. Nah, not quite, two kids ensure he can’t do that! But I do want him to be able to enjoy unemployment for a while as well, if you know what I mean.

Btw, I’m just watching an interesting TV show called “Our Wildest Dreams”. It’s about families who move to remote places on the planet, and in this night’s episode it’s a Scottish-Italian family with three young kids and £1,200 in their pocket who move to the Indonesian jungle to live a self-sufficient life without any clear plans. They’ve just landed in Denpasar and have no idea where to sleep for the night or what to do. Not sure if that’s admirable or stupid haha! What do you think?

Although we’re only moving to good old safe Finland where my family is, it is still a big move – especially for Matthew and Lana. Maya I don’t think will understand or remember what’s happening. Matthew is an adult and can express what he’s feeling and what he’s struggling with. It is Lana I’m worried about. I’m worried she’ll be traumatised for not being able to understand what people are saying in the beginning and that she’ll become shy and withdraw into herself…But I know kids are resilient and adapt quickly, and I know Lana is a determined and independent little girl. And she’ll go to Swedish-speaking nursery so that she can understand what’s being said and make some new friends. If she likes it there I think things will be a lot easier.

If everything plans out like we’re expecting it to we’ll leave before the end of the month. It’s a shame as Matthew’s sister is due on the 10th of June, but we do need to get Matthew into work at some point – and obviously we need to give up our home! But we’ll visit soon so we can meet the newcomer <3

I am so glad that we’re still here during the cherry blossom season – definitely the prettiest time to visit Edinburgh if you ask me! And definitely a good time to leave as we’ll remember the city at its best.

x Nina x

PS. The family in the TV show realised living without money in Indonesia is too difficult and they’ve moved to the countryside in Italy to try and live off the land there instead. In case anyone was wondering!

PPS. We’ve recently started watching The Letdown – an Australian comedy show about the struggles of parenthood – and it’s actually quite funny and relatable. Check it out, it’s on Netflix!