Inside the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

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After my job interview on Thursday I met up with Matthew and Lana, had pancakes and coffee at Broughton Deli and then decided to go to the National Portrait Gallery. We’ve seen many exhibitions, but this time I was a lot more interested in taking photos of the beautiful building instead – especially since the spring sunshine contributed with some dramatic effects.

The building was built between 1885 and 1890 and is pretty both from the outside as well as the inside – and worth a visit even if you have no interest in the exhibitions. Hopefully my photos taken with my phone can convey the beauty!

postinterview nationalportraitgalleryedinburghprettyart portraitgallery insideportraitgalleryedinburgh upstairs windowartsteps sunshine prettywindow skulls

It wasn’t long before Lana got so loud that we had to remove her from the building so the other visitors could admire the art undisturbed. Maybe not the best place for an energetic one-year-old after all!

Now we’re waiting for the “supernanny” to come over and help us with Lana’s sleeping issues – been looking forward to this!!

x Nina x