It’s All About the Corona

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I know I haven’t blogged for more than two months – life has just gotten more hectic after starting full time work and studies that I have chosen not to stress about it and just write if I feel like it. And clearly I haven’t haha.

So why am I writing now? Well I feel like we’re going through such a surreal time in our lives at the moment that I have to document how this whole Corona-situation is affecting us – so that I can go back and read it when I have forgotten what it was like. Corona has basically taken over our lives, it’s pure madness.

Two weeks ago, when Finland introduced a lot of restrictions that are to be in place until the 13.4, it really hit me how serious this situation is. I have to admit that I never took it seriously even though I’ve been hearing about the coronavirus on the news for months. I thought it was going to be like Sars, which didn’t affect that many people. But no. This is serious and this is going to last for a long time. It’s maybe a wake up call the world needed. Matthew, on the other hand, was saying for months that he thinks coronavirus is going to hit the world hard. And now he keeps saying “I told you so”…

Home sweet home. Thank you for being so spacious.
Our home office. I have to admit it was Matthew’s idea to put the desk there. Love it.

When I’m writing this the kids have been home from nursery almost two weeks and Matthew and I have been working from home a little over two weeks. Well actually I have been home for a week longer as I had the flu and was pretty ill with four days of 39-40 degrees’ fever – and the week before Maya had the flu, so I was home with her a lot. So basically I’ve been self-isolating for almost four weeks now. And I know what you’re all thinking: the flu? Are you sure it wasn’t corona? The symptoms of influenza and corona is pretty much the same to be fair, but I doubt Maya would’ve picked it up from nursery four weeks ago when there were hardly any cases in Finland (if any). Plus, Matthew and Lana didn’t get ill because they have both been vaccinated against the flu. Maya has too, but the vaccine isn’t 100% sure and when Maya got it (a nasal spray) it looked like it all came back out again.

Anyhoo, enough explaining haha. I did go into work once last week, but apart from that I’ve only been to the supermarket and the post office in the past three weeks. Oh and I did take the car to get its battery exchanged – which had to be done since it was faulty. We happened to bump into my twin brother and his family when out and about a week or so ago, but that’s about the only people (apart from my boss) that I’ve talked to face-to-face for three weeks. Crazy.

Finland isn’t in lockdown, but the borders of the whole country and the region of Uusimaa (where we also live) are closed and people are advised to practise social distancing. Still a lot of people are hanging out with friends and family when it’s not necessary – and I think it’s because they don’t understand how serious the situation is (if anyone does?!). Which I can understand since none of us have experienced this before.

Hugs are pretty precious right now.

My course is continuing as normal, the classes are just all online now. I really liked going to class and was always looking forward to them, it was just such a nice change to my usual routine and it was fun seeing my classmates. Not sure if I’ll see them in real life again actually. Weird. Since both Matthew and I am working from home, with the kids being home, we decided with my boss that I will just do as much as I can for now. But it’s a small business so who knows if I will have a job in two months’ time? I will try my best to help them out and keep the business alive.

Matthew’s contract with his current job ends next week, and he was so lucky to get a new job just before the coronavirus madness really began here in Finland. He signed the contract two weeks ago and he’s supposed to start in April. I really really hope he will be able to start then even though he probably won’t be going into the office…

We went for a walk to a lookout point nearby where it suddenly started snowing so much the girls could enjoy some play in the snow. A couple of days ago a wolf was spotted in that area.
Lana didn’t seem to mind having a picnic in a snow storm.

And how are we all coping seeing only each other and being at home all the time? The first week was fine – think the new situation of self-isolating or self-quarantine felt a bit exciting and the kids enjoyed being at home most of the time too. The second week, this week, hasn’t been as nice. The kids are getting tired of just being at home and not being able to see their friends at nursery. Both of them have said they want to go to nursery many times. Or to visit my mum and dad. Or Nana and Pop in Edinburgh. Or the softplay. And so on. They’ve been at each other’s throats a lot more and just been moany. We’ve tried to explain to Lana that there are a lot of germs out there now that make a lot of people sick, and that’s why the nursery is closed and we can’t see anyone. Not sure if she understands, but it is a lot easier to get her to wash her hands now.

Matthew and I have been snapping at each other for days now and at the moment I find him pretty irritating to be honest. All those things he’s doing wrong or not doing at all that I normally don’t have that much time or energy to point out to him have become quite big – and for some weird reason he doesn’t like getting nagged at. But I’m obviously perfect. Always remember that.

We’ve baked these gorgeous apple muffins. Just look how perfect they are – and how proud Lana is <3
Matthew lost his mind early on and started cleaning the windows last week.
The girls obviously helped.
We’ve been doing exercises in front of the TV, which has been a hit. Here’s Lana the (scary) fitness instructor.

But every cloud has a silver lining, and so does this corona-shaped one. I do feel like I’ve connected better with the kids and just had more time for them – more stress-free time. When there is no commute to work/nursery or plans in the weekend there is more time to focus on each other and on just chilling. Just being. So we’ve been baking, doing exercise in front of the TV, been outside a lot, gone on forest walks and so on. We are so lucky to have this big house and garden in the countryside and I do feel for people who are stuck in small flats. And the weather had been so sunny and beautiful, which has made it easier to go outside with the girls. Some days we’ve been out four times haha.

I’m also grateful I still have a job, and I feel like it’s keeping me sane to have something to focus on during the weeks. Even though it’s a challenge to try and work with Lana and Maya at home…We’ve started potty training Maya as I figured this it the perfect time to do it when we’re at home for such a long period of time. After four days of peeing and pooing all over the place she finally peed in the potty. And omg how proud we all were. We were literally standing next to her and applauding her haha. Since then she’s peed in the potty a few times – but only if we make her sit there and give her the iPad. She still doesn’t seem to want to do her business on the potty and is happy to just pee/poo in her pants. Not sure if we should just take a break and continue another time…Maybe she’s not ready after all?

Some things stay the same, such as my morning porridge.
And the dress-up games.

I’m glad Finland has woken up to the severity of the situation relatively early on and introduced fairly severe restrictions. Not sure how the UK and Sweden are going to cope since being so laidback with the whole thing. A bit worrying. It’s crazy watching the news these days as it’s basically all about coronavirus. We watched the movie ‘Contagion’ maybe a month ago or so and it’s so similar to this situation that it’s scary. We’re basically living in a movie right now. That’s how it feels.

I hope you all stay safe, stay sane and stay home. We will overcome this, but for now we just have to be patient and follow orders from those who know a lot more about this than we do. Peace and love.

x Nina x