I’ve Got My Hand Back!

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Last Friday I woke up excited knowing that it was the day the horrible cast would come off – after 4 weeks of being uncomfortable and just before flying to Finland. My arm didn’t look as deformed as I had feared, just really skinny, wrinkly and smelly. It was quite stiff, but it’s already a lot better now.

My arm was x-rayed one last time before I saw the Hugh Grant lookalike (a more handsome version though) who was my doctor. He told me it all looked good and that I still need to keep on the fabric removable splint they gave me for another 2-3 weeks and be very careful. Which means Matthew will still be doing the dishes 🙂


The last picture with the cast on. We met Matthew for lunch in one of Edinburgh’s many private gardens – his work has the keys for the garden.


The arm plumped up a little bit after washing it 100 times and moisturising it around 50 times – so this photo doesn’t really show how skinny and muscleless the arm was when they first took the cast off.

The weather has been quite warm this week, so Lana’s been able to get more familiar with grass and all the friendly germs in it.


On Saturday we had brunch with Matthew’s old friend from school. Lana was on her best behaviour and kept smiling the whole time – apart from this photo of course.


Afterwards we went to John Lewis to take Matthew’s iPad back (it had a bubble on the screen) and to check out the children’s department to see if I could find any nice and practical summer clothes for Lana. Luckily there was a sale, so found these lovely outfits for half price!

Hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday, I should probably start thinking about washing clothes and packing…I hate packing so much – even more now when I need to pack for Lana (and Matthew) too!

x Nina x