Japanese Crush

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Happy Sunday from Edinburgh! Hope you’re having a relaxing day. I’m spending my Sunday daydreaming about my dream travel destination that has topped my bucket list for years…

I’ve travelled a fair bit in Asia – around 6 months altogether. My travels have included around 3 weeks in Russia and 3 weeks in China, a month in India and 3-4 months in South-East Asia. However, the one country I find really fascinating and would LOVE to go to I’ve never been to – Japan! Or Nippon and Nihon in Japanese 🙂

I love everything about Japan: the extremely beautiful and diverse nature, the bustling cities, the healthy food, the simple interior design, the stylish and quirky people, the importance of aesthetics, the beautiful yet mysterious geishas, the language (would love to learn Japanese!) and the tranquil Japanese gardens. I feel like there’s just so much to discover and experience – it’s a country where advanced technology meets old traditions and harmonious religions.

When I do travel to Japan I want to spend at least a month there, traveling around the islands and seeing as much as I can (and maybe pop over to South Korea as well). I want it to be a well-planned trip to make sure I experience as much as possible. It isn’t the cheapest place to go to either, hence you need a plan! Luckily Matthew shares my desire to go to Japan, so it might just be a family trip whenever it happens. (Because it will happen!)

I’ve gathered a few pretty photos from Pinterest in order to share my Japan obsession with you, hope you like them.

Have you been to Japan? If so, what do you recommend? If not, do you find Japan as appealing as I do?

x Nina x

PS. I also love Haruki Murakami’s books – are you familiar with his work?