Join Me for a Magical Instameet at Lauriston Castle

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Last weekend I attended an Instameet (for work) organised by the Edinburgh Magic Festival at Lauriston Castle, and it was such a nice event that I want to share some photos with you! The reason the Magic Festival did an Instameet at the castle is that they’ll actually be doing ‘Secret Room’ shows there during the festival where a magician takes you through the rooms and does magic tricks inspired by the room itself. I would go if I wasn’t in Finland!

First a little bit about the castle itself. The oldest part of the castle was built in 1593, an extension was added in 1824-27 and finally the library was built in the 1870s. It’s the last owners, Mr and Mrs Reid who are responsible for decorating the castle between 1902 and 1919 – and you’ll see that the Reids didn’t have empty pockets! There are so many beautiful decorative objects all over the place – I would’ve had about a thousand heart attacks had I brought Lana…

We were welcomed by magician and founder of MagicFest, Kevin Quantum, who did a few card tricks for us. I’m usually not that impressed with magic tricks, but this time as I got to pick a card myself I really was stunned. At one point I picked a card, 3 of clubs, and whilst holding it in my hand it suddenly turned into a 2 of diamonds – the card another girl had picked in the beginning! I mean wtf?! I was holding the card the entire time and just can’t comprehend how that trick was possible…

My friend Olli asked if Kevin could teach her a trick and he basically just played a trick on her and the rest of us who thought he was going to show us one of his tricks haha.

All the rooms either have a feminine or masculine theme. This is Mr Reid’s study that was a masculine blue.

I didn’t quite get the whole story, but I think this phone was one of the first in Edinburgh (?) and the phone number was simply ’10’.

The study also had a hidden passage to the room above.

The drawing room was pretty impressive and had lovely views of the water.

And there was a copy of the Daily Mirror from 1912, bringing the news of the Titanic tragedy to Edinburgh.

The Reids had extravagant taste (and lots of money). Look at how big that rug is!

Perhaps one of the most lavish fireplaces I’ve ever seen.

I was trying to get my reflection in the chandelier but I was too short.

And here we have the dining room where 7-course dinners were ingested. Poor servants who had to cook all that food!

Just like at home!

All the rooms had servant alarms that led downstairs to the servants’ quarters.

The tour finished after around an hour and we said our thank you’s to Eric the guide. There is a lot more to the castle I haven’t showed you here, so I do recommend you go on one of their guided tours. More info here.

Matthew and Lana had been hanging around the castle gardens, as had my friend Olli’s other half and kid, so we all had a bite to eat in the super-charming courtyard cafe afterwards.

Olli’s 3-year old son brought a football that was very popular among the kids. Need to get Lana one of them as she really enjoys kicking a ball…Several times people have asked us if Olli and I are sisters, so need to get a photo of us side by side so you guys can judge!

Not sure if playing with the bigger kids got a bit too much for Lana, or if it’s her cold that broke out properly on Sunday evening that made her a bit teary. She was fine after two minutes of hugging mamma though! She still very much prefers me when she gets hurt or is tired – but let’s see what happens when the baby arrives!

That’s all guys! Remember to check out MagicFest – I saw a few shows last year at the MagicFair and thoroughly enjoyed it.

x Nina x