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Hi all,

There’s been some changes since last time I was here. Although I said that I thought this year would be a more settled one, we’re moving again…We found a cute little one bedroom apartment in a very sought after area in Edinburgh; the Colonies in Stockbridge that were built for artisans and skilled working-class families between 1850 and 1910. We’re not moving until 1st of May, but already looking forward to our little garden and having cafes, the Botanical Gardens and Inverleith Park on our doorstep!

Edinburgh Colonies

As I mentioned before, I took Matthew to a Korean restaurant on Valentine’s Day. There are a lot of anti-Valentine’s people out there, but I think it’s a nice excuse to go out for dinner and just show your other half that you care. So after flowers and Champagne we defied the rain for a Korean dinner at Kim’s Mini Meals.


The place is tiny, but very welcoming. Matthew immediately said he felt like home. 🙂

Kims mini meals Edinburgh

The restaurant is owned by Mr Kim and his family I guess. His wife is in charge of the kitchen, and I think it was his son who was waiting. It’s a BYO restaurant, so we brought our own wine (and saved a few bucks).


I was a bit shocked when  I received my ‘sundubu jjigae’ – a spicy stew with tofu and veggies. I didn’t expect to get a whole pot in front of me (maybe the stew pots were all dirty), but now when I look at the photo I realise that I was probably meant to use the tiny rice bowl to eat the stew from – but no one told me I was doing it wrong…Oh well, at least it was nice and tasty, and not too spicy. Matthew had ‘beef bulgogi’ (marinated beef) that he enjoyed very much too.


The restaurant was packed with Korean memorabilia and other stuff.


The cutest little forks I’ve ever seen. They came with a complimentary little kiwi and sponge dessert.

potting shed Edinburgh

We were the last customers to leave the restaurant just before 10 pm, so it’s not a place where you can hang out late. We continued to the Potting Shed – a nicely decorated bar/restaurant also on Buccleuch street on the South side that I’ve somehow completely missed.



Hope you’re having a good week, can’t believe it’s Friday tomorrow again! Hopefully I’ll finally get to properly visit Glasgow this weekend, should be fun.

x Nina x