Lana the Cat Bully

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Today started out pretty well having slept 6 hours in a row – just what I needed after a few crappy nights! We arrived on Saturday on a late flight at 22.35 (everything went surprisingly smoothly) and the time difference of 2 hours has resulted in a tired and cranky Lana who’s been going to bed around 11pm ever since. Maya has also been a bit gassy and restless but has been better today thank god. 

The fact that Lana’s been going to bed so late and Maya even later means that I’ve had no me-time at all – which is not cool! Luckily Lana fell asleep at 9pm today and Maya is sleeping too now so I can blog and enjoy some kid-free time 🙂 As I said, today started well, but there was a  bit of drama in the afternoon when Lana decided it was time to give the cat a PROPER clean…

So, Lana went downstairs to sing happy birthday to Musmus the cat and give her some cake (it’s not the cat’s birthday btw) and I kind of forgot she was there. After a while I realised it was awfully quiet – and when Lana is quiet it either means she’s sleeping, on my phone or doing something she shouldn’t. My mum went downstairs to see what was up and came back really upset saying Lana’s done something horribly catastrophic. My mum was accompanied by a sad-looking, strangely shiny and completely soaked cat…Turns out Lana had poured not one but two (and possibly three) bottles of shampoo on the poor cat – and properly rubbed it in as well.

The cat had escaped into the sauna and Lana had followed, resulting in the sauna being covered in shampoo as well. My mum tried to wash a hysterically shaking and screaming cat, with Lana, Maya and my mum crying. Musmus was naturally licking the stuff trying to clean herself, so my mum had to call the vet to ask if that could be dangerous – because there was so much of it too. The vet told her to just take wet towels and try and get rid of as much of the stuff as possible. The cat seems fine now and I will definitely be telling Santa about what a naughty girl Lana has been…

Apart from cleaning cats, we’ve also done other things – such as:

Played outside in the snow with a very excited Lana (and mum).

Cousin Max turned 3, so we’ve celebrated him.

Maya partied so hard she fell asleep halfway through.

Lana was very protective of Maya and made sure Max didn’t go too close…

Maya was passed around from bro to bro.

There was a 2-hour power cut because of the heavy snow, so we had to light some candles. Thank GOD the internet still worked haha.

We’ve been decorating gingerbread cookies with cousin Max, but the wee rascals were way more interested in eating the cookies and the topping (I mean just look at Lana!) so us mums took over and the kids continued running around like two crazy people.

At least they’re colourful!

Maya has been chilling with mommo a lot, and as you can see she’s loving it 🙂 (And yes, she is wearing socks as scratch mitts)

I’ve taken Maya out on her first pram-ride at 6 weeks old – and it went well pfeew. Lana never wanted to lie in her pram so I was worried Maya was going to be the same – but to be fair this was only the first ride so she might change her mind…After the walk she was still sleeping so she stayed outside to continue her nap like babies do here in Finland 🙂 She slept so well!

Found Lana chilling in the carrycot with my phone – you just gotta love her.

And finally; here are a few photos of my very quickly growing little girl! So happy she agrees to take the dummy – unlike her big sister who never accepted a pacifier nor a bottle. Below are more photos of how happy Maya was after having slept 6 hours in one go!

There is nothing more rewarding than your baby smiling at you <3

x Nina x