Lana & Max at Kungsbacka Farm

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Damn it, I’ve tried to ignore my cold all week, but as it seems to just get worse I’ve decided to only rest today. We were meant to go to Helsinki for a few days, but I’m hopeful that I’ll feel well enough to go tomorrow instead. Sucks being ill on your holiday!

Matthew and Lana are out on adventures so thought I’d gather the strength to blog a little in between blowing my nose every two seconds. The other week we visited Kungsbacka farm in Illby village with cousin Max and it was a big hit. The cousins get along better than I could’ve hoped for and there’s been very little squabbling – and as you can see from the photos below they were by each other’s sides most of the time. The animals are friendly and you can feed most of them, which the kids obviously loved. After a goat had slightly nibbled Lana’s hand when she was feeding it Max got worried and decided it was his duty to look after her and make sure she didn’t get too close again. How cute is that?!

It’s a great destination for kids – but be prepared that adults have to pay 9€ as well, which felt a bit strange. But then again, I guess it’s worth it if it ensures that the animals won’t become meat and can just live a happy carefree life!

And the best part of the visit: ice cream!

We missed Amadeus the donkey’s 25th birthday party that was about to go down the following day, but it was a pretty good few hours anyway and I have a feeling we will be back!

x Nina x