Lana Visits Edinburgh Zoo

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Last Saturday was gloriously sunny with bright blue skies – a perfect day to visit Edinburgh Zoo. Matthew and I were really excited as in our heads we were imagining how superexcited Lana would be, and that made me want to go even though I find zoos to be quite sad places. She’s actually been there once before when she was only 7 weeks old and slept through the whole visit in her sling. 

I explained to Lana that we’re going to the zoo to see a lion, penguin and monkeys and she said woohoo and went and got her shoes, so I think she understood what we’re about to do on some level. One of her babies came along as well.

The pink pelicans were the first animals we visited. Just look at that beak!

And right next to them you’ll find these adorable meerkats.

You’ll find pretty buildings even at the zoo, that’s so very Edinburgh.

For some reason Lana was a bit unimpressed with the chimpanzees even though I thought she’d love them.

I think this play park was Lana’s favourite stop – she didn’t want to leave and we had to drag her to come and see the sun bears nearby. That she wasn’t very interested in.

My little spy <3

When we reached the penguins Lana was getting pretty hungry so she was giving this blueberry muffin a lot more attention than the poor birds.

They’re quite funny animals with their funny poses.

Here’s she’s munching on some carrot.

To see Edinburgh Zoo’s main attraction, the pandas, you need to book a time slot as they don’t like noise and too many people. There is a male called Yang Guang (sunshine) and a female called Tian Tian (sweetie) that have been borrowed from China and have been in Edinburgh for 5 years now. The aim of this precious loan is to produce a wee panda for the zoo, but so far no cub. In 2014 Tian Tian got pregnant but she reabsorbed the featus and terminated the pregnancy, which is something pandas can do apparently. Tian Tian was hiding so we didn’t even see her, and we were told she’s very shy and doesn’t like noise and attention. What a life. If you want to take a look, check out the live panda cam here.

I think the rhino was the animal Lana was most impressed with – as were we. They’re massive!

The zoo is laid out on a hill so there’s a lot of hills to climb – but the views are also great!

We heard a lion roaring so we hurried to the lion’s cage and got there just when it went quiet again, hmpf. Such a shame keeping a wild animal like this in a cage 🙁

Lana often pretends to be a lion, or “wai” as she says it, trying to scare us with her roaring, so I think she was fairly impressed by this one. And then she saw a bench she wanted to climb and forgot about the lion altogether.

This is what walking with Lana looks like most of the time. She NEVER wants to go in the same direction you’re going and it is something that can really push my buttons!

Before leaving there was still some time to hang out with Peppa Pig (or Greta Gris in Swedish) whilst mamma and pappa took turns going to the loo.

I came away feeling a bit sad, wondering how all those animals were actually doing and if they were under a lot of stress. It’s just so unnatural to put wild animals in cages, on display for noisy kids and adults. And then I felt guilty for supporting it all by visiting. I guess they do a lot of good work as well, but still. How do you feel about zoos?

x Nina x