Lana’s Birthday Party & Frozen Cake (+video)

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Lana’s 3rd birthday party is done and dusted even though she keeps asking when her guests will arrive today…I don’t think she understands that it can’t be her birthday every day yet! Yesterday we threw her a little party in our flat, and OMG I didn’t realise it was going to be so stressful! But thankfully it was also fun and it was so nice to catch up with so many friends and their kids!

Although there were no photos we did manage to film singing Happy Birthday to Lana, you can watch it above! (Not sure why the quality isn’t great though…)

The wait for Lana’s guests was long and hard. I made her an Elsa cake the night before (very original I know) that she obviously saw first thing in the morning and then kept asking EVERY 10 MINUTES if she could try it. Thank pretty pink dress was exchanged for her new Cinderella outfit soon after the first guests had arrived…

I was in the kitchen from 9am pretty much until the guests started arriving at 2pm and Matthew was cleaning and putting up balloons and trying to distract Lana with various things, such as colouring pens. It didn’t work very well as she kept creeping up to the cake and snatching snowflakes and sprinkles every chance she got.

Poor Maya was neglected and sat in her bouncy chair the whole morning – so when the guests arrived she was so happy and chatty. My wee baby.

Still can’t believe we didn’t manage to take a single photo during the party! I guess that’s a sign that it was a good one. There were 8 children altogether and around 20 adults I think. So instead of photos of the party I took some of the lovely pressies our spoilt princess got this morning. She’s kissing her Fingerling monkey – which is supposed to be the new tamagotchi…

There were a lot of princess stuff I can tell you! (I’m sure this phase will end one day…) So funny how colour coordinated her presents are haha. We got her an electric toothbrush (obviously with a Frozen theme) that she quite enjoys using and I hope will clean her teeth better.

Aunty Jojo and uncle Martin got her that hilarious Troll outfit – WITH SOUND. So she’s been dancing around in the dress all evening yesterday and day today until the battery is starting to die already. Thank god!

Lana had a blast and it was so nice to be able to organise a birthday party for my little troll girl. I hope it made her feel special. Thank you so much everybody who came and for all the lovely presents!!

x Nina x